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Reserve Information

About Human Behaviour on the Reserve

I’d like to address three human behavioural aspects of a Share Block in a protected wildlife area such as Ingwelala, critical to User enjoyment,  for your consideration.

All About Radios

I wish to draw to your attention certain radio technicalities and protocols and procedures. The radio system at Ingwelala works on two frequencies that are channelled through a centred "repeater". 


Your attention is drawn to the misuse of steel ashbins. An increasing trend in Camp is to deposit waste, other than ash, in bins that are dedicated to store ash.

Baboons and Baboon-proof Burglar Bars

Please remember to secure your bungalows when not in occupation. It is interesting to note how often bungalows are vacated after occupation where windows are left open and doors are not locked. 

Do Not Feed the Animals!

Recently there have been a number of concerns raised over changing hyena and baboon behaviour in camp. This appears to be as a  result of an increase in the general feeding of animals. 

Feeding of wildlife

Please read a disappointing experience a Member had when visiting Bird Hide:

Game Drives and Bush Etiquette

John Llewellyn comments on a recent email from a member regarding game drives and bush etiquette

Ingwelala Insurance - Assessing Risk

Your consideration is drawn to a very unfortunate and scary incident that Members recently experienced.

Ingwelala Insurance - Important Facts to Consider:

Ingwelala insurance is updated on an annual basis in the month of May. 

Limitation on Use of Vehicles on Ingwelala

Since the start of Ingwelala there has always been concern over the large number of units (209) and consequent usage and possible over crowding on the property and the need to judiciously use the limited natural resources and infrastructure. 

Litter on the Reserve

There is sadly an increasing trend in littering taking place, particularly the evidence of informal abluting throughout the Reserve.


The risk of exposure to malaria remains very real unless proper protection measures are adopted. It is essential to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes in the first place and to use appropriate anti-malarial prophylactics, both of which are important and neither should be neglected at the expense of the other.

Managing Fire Risk

Ingwelala is part of the Greater Kruger Fire Protection Association (GKFPA) and as a Member of this FPA is duty bound to follow the protocols of the FPA. The following communication from the GKFPA is applicable to all fires on Ingwelala. Simply equate it to Ingwelala infrastructure and facilities.

Medical Emergencies and Assistance

What happens if you get hurt, or have a medical emergency at Ingwe? Here's a report from one of our Members.

Predator Sightings


The following letter of complaint was received from a Member, describing their disappointing experience at an Ingwelala lion sighting:


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