Ownership at Ingwelala is share block based which grants you the exclusive use of a particular bungalow, together with the right to use all of the common property of Ingwelala - the central complex, swimming pool, traversing on properties where shares are owned, and the use of the hides, bomas and picnic sites.

At the time of your purchase you will have acquired these shares and at the same time signed the Use Agreement. The Use Agreement sets out your obligations and responsibilities as a share-holder and your agreement to abide by the rules of the company.

The Management Regulations must be read in conjunction with The Use Agreement particularly clauses, 3,4,5,6,8, 15, 18 and 20. Where there is conflict between this document and The Use Agreement, The Terms and Conditions of the Use Agreement shall apply.

Use Agreement
Management Regulations
Media Policy

Building Rules & Regulations

The Use Agreement amongst many things, lists your responsibilities to keep your bungalow maintained in good order and in accordance with the Ingwelala Building Regulations.

The Building Regulations are approved to not only maintain the structural integrity of the dwelling but to also enhance the ambience of Ingwelala. In adjudicating an application for changes or extensions to a bungalow, the Building Committee not only takes into account the technical compliance, but also the aesthetics. In addition, all external alterations must obtain approval from the most affected neighbours.

These regulations are occasionally recommended for changes and updates by the Building Committee for Member approval at AGMs’ to ensure that the company's assets are maintained in good condition and are in the interests of all Members. The installation of solar systems, gas reticulation, etc. are kept to the highest standards, not only to ensure the safety of the installations, but also to ensure that there is national compliance in the construction and insurance industries legislations.

Building Regulations
Building Application Form

Disciplinary Measures & Fines

In accordance with Clause 14 of the Management Regulations, the following is a list of possible offences and the fines that may be imposed. In addition, the members/guests names may be published in the Reserve Report.

Depending on the offence, a Member may also be required to attend a disciplinary hearing conducted by a minimum of two Directors of the company.

Ingwelala Fines


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