Something new is always happening at Ingwelala! 

Our projects are as varied and as diverse as one would expect from an organisation with so many stakeholders, and impacting on so many lives.

What is important is that we strive to constantly improve the Ingwelala experience for our members within the conservation ethos and official regulations. Not everyone agrees with every  project, and this is why so many of our projects are presented to all concerned before implementation in an attempt to get a general consensus. 

This page centralises major projects, or projects under consideration by the Board, and is updated as more information becomes available. 




Entrance Gate

The entrance gate has undergone a complete rethatch with improvements being made to create a better working environment for the staff on duty. There is a dedicated storeroom for emergency after-hours ice and wood sales.




Shop Update

Ingwelala’s shop is celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary this year since its inception in 1983.

The shop is currently well stocked with dedicated branding (1983). Merchandise includes caps, wine glasses, key rings, bottle openers, duo mugs, aprons, oven gloves (incl. bag), shirts (m/f), puzzle boxes, and playing card boxes.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

For safe drinking water and to reduce the quantity of once-use plastic, work is in progress to make available economic drinking water while at the same time impacting less on the environment with generated plastics.




Shop Upgrade

The Ingwelala Shop aims to provide a range of products that satisfies the needs of Members, their families / guests and staff in an environment that is efficient and pleasant to shop in. It offers a range of basic groceries, drinks, household and outdoor products, as well as a limited range of clothing and gifting items.

Paul Marsh is leading an inspired project team, with many years experience in the retail industry, to revamp the shop over a period of time; "Trickle Feed approach, not Big Bang".

A comprehensive in-depth analysis of the existing shop was undertaken in December 2022 to:

  • Improve and enhance the customer shopping proposition. 
  • Establish and formalise principles & guidelines with processes that will:
    - Improve and simplify the procurement, pricing, management & merchandising of product.
    - Improve the overall shop sales and profitability.
    - Embed long-term skills and best practice for the future.

Paul and his team have moved swiftly to get the shop ready before the Easter peak season, and the results are impressive!




Library Upgrade 

The Ingwelala library is situated in the Members' lounge area. Sue Marsh initiated a magnificent drive to rebuild the collection with a new assortment of books. Sue spent many hours painstakingly reorganising, categorising the new books, and getting rid of the old and tatty books.

The library is now fully updated with all donated books. Well done!


2021 Completed Projects


Unfortunately due to COVID-19, there were no Special Projects undertaken during 2020.

The only exception was the Trial Fence which was halted. A special task team was formed to assist with finding a long term solution to curb elephant incursions into camp.


2019 Completed Projects

2018 Completed Projects

2012 Completed Projects

2011 Completed Projects





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