Something new is always happening at Ingwelala! 

Our projects are as varied and as diverse as one would expect from an organisation with so many stakeholders, and impacting on so many lives.

What is important is that we strive to constantly improve the Ingwelala experience for our members within the conservation ethos and official regulations. Not everyone agrees with every  project, and this is why so many of our projects are presented to all concerned before implementation in an attempt to get a general consensus. 

This page centralises major projects, or projects under consideration by the Board, and is updated as more information becomes available. 



Rebuilds & Upgrades

Completion of various upgrades to existing structures...

Argyle Boma: Open again!

Following the elephant damage to Argyle Boma in April, we have been working tirelessly to get Argyle Boma back up and running as quickly as possible. We are excited to announce that the Boma has been completely re-done, and is now back open for bookings! 


Beacon Boma

Another project undertaken this month was adding some extra structural support to Beacon Boma. This was achieved through adding cross-beams to the decking structure, which was done by Ruan du Preez and Nico Ras.

We are looking at re-doing the structure at some point in the future, but for now the added support can give that extra peace of mind for anyone visiting!


Recycling Area Upgrade

Our recycling area has undergone extensive refurbishment through the month. An entirely new structure has been built and we have also made changes to the interior, widening the space for a more efficient recycling space that can accommodate more waste and more waste categories. We’ve also added in a new drainage system. The final addition will be brand new signage, which is coming soon!

Remember, reduce, reuse and recycle, and thank you for your contributions towards our recycling efforts!


Shop Window Decals

Thank you to all that voted for our window decals in February - we really appreciate it!

The windows presented us with quite a challenge: for windows that large, the images have to be of exceptionally high quality. Unfortunately, this meant the original images that were voted for were not able to be used in the end, as the quality of the final product would have been affected. With that in mind, we chose higher quality images with the same “feel” to make sure we could get the best possible finish. We are really happy with the outcome. Special thanks to Paul Marsh, Tessa Woollgar, Josh Hibbett and Chad Cocking for their efforts in this regard.


by Tess Woollgar. Images courtesy of Tess Woollgar.



Argyle Boma Rebuild

Early on the 19th of April we noticed significant structural damage to Argyle Boma caused by elephants. The front roof structure had been leaned on, or maybe even scratched on, and had started collapsing inwards. The cement structures supporting the main beams had cracked, and the fence surrounding the boma had started collapsing from the weight of the roof structure leaning on it. For safety reasons, the decision was made to completely close the boma, deconstruct it and re-build it to restore the structural integrity as quickly as possible.

We have been hard at work taking the existing structure down and arranging a new one to put in its place, and we are now well underway with re-construction. This was a massive task at short notice, but within a week we had removed everything necessary and started planting new poles for the new support structures, roofing and fencing.

We also took the opportunity to re-do the bar section roof, as this had begun to sag as well. We are really pleased with progress so far and are excited to share the end result with you. We are hopeful this will be completed in May and will continue prioritising Argyle Boma for now. Please note that there will not be any major changes to the interior design of Argyle Boma. It is only the fences and roof structures which are all being re-done from scratch.

Collapsed fence
Cracked cement
Closed for now!
Damaged structure removed
Reconstruction - braai
Reconstruction - baar area

It has been an interesting, unexpected, and fun challenge for the team, allowing some of us to learn new skills and providing a great team-building effort as we work together to get the boma back up and running as quickly as possible.

Thank you to the Maintenance and Conservation Teams for working tirelessly to get this done so smoothly! We hope everyone enjoys their time at Argyle Boma!

By Tess Woollgar, images courtesy of Tess Woollgar & Josh Hibbett.




Sibon Upgrade

February was a month focused heavily on Sibon. The camp was fully closed, allowing us the time we needed to do some much-needed maintenance and upkeep. We worked tirelessly through the course of the month, making sure that we got to everything we needed to.

The thatched roofing needed some repairs and upgrades on all the buildings, which has been completed beautifully. Old thatching was removed from areas of concern, being neatly replaced with new thatching grass. Branches touching the roofing were removed, and the roofs were neatened and reinforced with mesh to make it as durable as possible.

Thank you to the Chameleon Builders’ thatching crew that spent so many hours doing this for us - it is greatly appreciated.

Chameleon Builders hard at work
Completed thatch roofing

The swimming pool underwent a major transformation after some damage occurred towards the end of 2023. The pool has been completely re-surfaced and re-sealed on the inside and is now looking as good as ever! Thank you to Lopez Pools for their hard work through the month.

Swimming pool under construction
Swimming pool completed

One of the big tasks to tackle was the electric fence that surrounds Sibon camp. This included replacing damaged poles, re-stranding the entire fence, adding a large Earth Mat on the outside of the fence, and upgrading to an extra layer of elephant fencing in certain “hotspot” areas.

This was a massive job, and the Conservation Team did an amazing job of re-doing the fence in record time. Thank you to Josh for heading up the task team, and to Two-Boy, Difference and the rest of the Conservation Crew who helped make it happen!

The Conservation Crew hard at work...
Re-done fencing and new Earth mat
Added layer of elephant protection

The solar panels have been installed on top of the car ports, and there was also a heavy focus on general neatening of the garden space and area surrounding the camp.

Solar panels on the carport
Branches cut away from roofing
General neatening of the garden space and outside area...

The area around Sibon pan also had some extensive clearing done to both place the Earth Mat for the fence and to allow for a more uninterrupted view of the pan itself. This has made a massive difference to the aesthetic, and we hope you will enjoy the wider view of the landscape and pan. The tall grass was trimmed down, and the vegetation cleared (Grewia spp.) has been recycled into brush packing material, which was used to assist with Veld Rehabilitation on Buffelsbed (to allow grass communities to re-establish themselves).

Thank you to the Conservation team for making this happen, and thanks especially to Chris for all his hard work manually clearing the larger vegetation and the grass with the tractor.

Before: The Conservation Team clearing the area in front of Sibon Pan
After: Clear view of the pan, with a herd of elephants enjoying the water

It really was an incredibly productive month, and we are so proud of our teams for all the effort and hard work that went into Sibon. Thank you to all who assisted, and well done to the Ingwelala Crew for making it happen!

Two elephant bulls were regular visitors at Sibon during the month, keeping us on our toes and entertaining us with their daily visits looking for Marula fruits:

Josh Hibbett with one of the elephant bulls looking for Marula fruits in camp
The two elephant bulls enjoying Sibon pan after being encouraged out of camp

By Tess Woollgar, images courtesy of Tess Woollgar, Willichia Venter & Josh Hibbett.



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Unfortunately due to COVID-19, there were no Special Projects undertaken during 2020.

The only exception was the Trial Fence which was halted. A special task team was formed to assist with finding a long term solution to curb elephant incursions into camp.

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