Business Hrs: Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
Reception 08h00 - 12h00
14h30 - 17h00
08h00 - 13h00 08h00 - 12h00
Workshop 08h00 - 12h00
14h30 - 17h00
08h00 - 13h00 08h00 - 12h00
Shop 08h00 - 12h00
14h30 - 17h00
08h00 - 13h00 08h00 - 12h00
Fuel Sales 07h30 - 12h00
14h30 - 17h00
07h30 - 13h00 07h30 - 12H00

Reception: Administers all bungalow and housekeeping services.
These include:
-  pre-arrival gas lighting
-  bungalow cleaning
-  checking of garaged vehicles
-  gas bottle refills
-  booking of bomas and the Platform
-  Sibon (not available to unaccompanied guests) and guest cottage reservations
-  laundry
-  maintenance and workshop job cards

Accounts: Bungalow accounts must be settled in full prior to departure in order to obtain an authorised exit permit. Members arriving at the Central Control Gate without this permit will be not be allowed to exit the reserve.

Shop and Off-Sales: The shop is stocked with basic essentials, including ice, wood and briquettes. A limited range of clothing and curios is available. Our off-sales liquor licence enables us to carry spirits, beer and a limited selection of wines.
NB: No shopping will be done on behalf of members in Hoedspruit or other centres by Ingwelala staff. Ice and compressed air are also available at the gate - after hours.

Costs & Charges   (NB: All prices are subject to change and include VAT)

General Charges:

Member Levies: basic levy, per share, per month R 500,00
Gate Entrance Levy: members, their guests and unaccompanied guests - per person
NB: Levy is charged only once per month per person. (Children under 6 free)
R 130,00
Guest Bungalows:  three guest bungalows are available for members (excluding gate entrance):
Check availability here, book through reception.
"Hornbill" -   (for  2 people) - price per day: R 1 000,00
"Francolin"  -   (for 4 people) - price per day: R 1 700,00
"Guineafowl"  - (for 6 people) - price per day: R 2 075,00
Unaccompanied guests: using a member's bungalow - per person per day (excluding gate entrance).
Written permission required. (Children under 12 half price)
R 725,00
Guests exceeding the occupancy limit of a bungalow: – per person per night R 275,00
Eastgate Airport Transfers:
Contact Reception for availability and options.
R 700,00 - R2 000,00
Hilux Double Cab Hire:  From Ingwe per day. (Member to pay gate fee at Control Gate and refuel vehicle on return).  Subject to availability.
Driver must be a Registered Ingwelala Member.
R 800,00
Land Cruiser hire: 1 - 2 days R 850,00
Land Cruiser hire: 3 - 7 days R 700,00
Land Cruiser hire: 8 - 14 days R 650,00
Telephone/Internet: - Email and faxes received on behalf of members & guests R 30,00
- Telephone cards are available from Reception - cash only.
- Only emergency calls may be made from Reception. Such calls are charged at three times the Telkom's rate.
- A wireless hotspot has been installed for free internet use, adjacent to the office complex. (However, members cannot always assume they will have internet access and some members' software cannot always pick up the wireless connection).
"RD" Cheques and Debit Order Reversals: - per item R 230,00
Radio license: - per radio R 90,00



Bungalow Service Charges:

- Lighting of gas R 130,00
- Replacement of 48kg Gas cylinders (subject to price fluctuations) R 1 680,00
- Small cylinder refilled at set rates per kg for each cylinder size  (prices available from reception due to price fluctuations)  
- Gas Supervisor - labour per hour (LPG installations, maintenance & servicing) R 375,00
Cleaning Services:
In busy periods we advise members to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.
- Chars (min 1 hour, max 2 hours)  R 130.00
  Mon- Fri: 08h00; 10h00; 15h00
   Sat: 08h00; 10h00; 12h00
   Sun: 08h00; 10h00
- Basic pre-arrival and post cleans R 235,00
- Bungalow clean & make beds R 290,00
- Bungalow make beds only R 120,00
- Bungalow sweep & mop R 140,00
- Outside sweep  R 115,00
- Bungalow spring clean R 560,00
- Monthly bungalow clean (per clean) R 225.00
Your bungalow will be cleaned once or twice per month. Please note that these cleans are scheduled. The benefits of a monthly clean are the upkeep of the bungalow and identifying any potential problems e.g. water leaks and baboon break-ins etc.  
- Laundry - prices and laundry lists available from reception.  
Solar Services:
- Clean solar panels, once off

R 200,00
- Check solar battery, once off R 185,00
- Check solar panel & battery check, once off R 385,00
- Monthly panel clean R 160,00
- Monthly battery check R 130,00
- Monthly clean & battery check R 280,00
- Solar Supervisor - labour per hour R 375,00
Bungalow Maintenance:   
- Labour: - per hour R 280.00
- Call out: - minimum charge plus, minor plumbing, gas repairs, replacement of gauze and glass R 400,00
- After hours call out R 800,00
Servicing of Fire Extinguishers: - (subject to fluctuating prices) R 120,00
Removal and storage of furniture: - during building works (per unit per month) R 880,00
Tree trimming, (rate can be adjusted depending on staff availability) R 375,00


Workshop Services Charges:    (Please arrange a job card with Reception before any work is done on your vehicle)

Annual garaging levy: - payable in advance on 1 July annually. Per vehicle. R 1 685,00
Non-Resident Vehicle Fee:  - payable in advance on 1 July annually. Per vehicle. R 3 750,00
Pre-arrival checks: - for garaged vehicles included in levy no charge
Basic charges for Members: (Contact Reception for Non-member charges)
- Maintenance - labour per hour (member rate)

R 470,00
- Workshop - labour puncture (member rate) R 150,00
- Parts order markup  (member rate) 15%
- Stock mark-up  (member rate) 35%
- Tyres sent to town & fitted (member rate per tyre) R 125,00
- Vehicle transport & trailer to HDS and return (member rate) R 1 980,00
- Drive vehicle to HDS and collect (member rate) R 1 600,00
- Vehicle on trailer to HDS - one way (member rate) R  990,00
- Drive vehicle to HDS - one way (member rate) R 800,00
- Call out charge - workshop hours R 400,00
- Call out charge - after hours R 800,00


Building Charges:  Members must ensure adequate "Contractors All Risks" cover for contracts in excess of R500 000.00

Non Resident Contractor worker entry fees  (per person per day)


R 8,50

Insurance Charges:

NB - The onus is on members to inform the Company of any changes or additions to their insurance requirements.
Insurance is a monthly charge calculated on building only replacement value. This value can be increased on member’s instructions.
Contents of bungalows and game vehicles must be insured separately by members.

General Building (rate per square meter) R 18 000,00
Decks (rate per square meter) R 2 800,00
Gazebos (rate per square meter) R 6 200,00
Solar Systems - Minimum R 40 000,00
Solar Systems - Maximum R 200 000.00


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