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Litter on the Reserve

There is sadly an increasing trend in littering taking place, particularly the evidence of informal abluting throughout the Reserve.

A member has written:

"Dear John,
We returned from Ingwelala last night following yet another week of wonderful sightings. However there were a couple of things we wanted to bring to your attention and which we would be grateful for you to bring to Members' attention:

Toilet paper and tissue litter:
The practice of people leaving behind tissues/toilet paper in full view: on the road from First Crossing onto Serengeti Plains; below the Lookout Tower; and below the wall at Timbavati Lookout. Who is expected to pick this up? The bush cleaning hyenas, or the staff?
It appears that neither is particularly keen on the task, and I do not blame them."

To make his point, the Member then authored an endearing piece of poetry:

A Case of Plain Tissue Paper
Right in the open, for all to see,
On Serengeti Plains she took a pee,
At Timbavati Lookout too,
She also used the “loo”,
And below the tower, once more –
Right there, on the floor!

It is the girls, you see,
Who use paper when they wee,

You left behind the unsightly paper,
For the poor staff to fetch much later.
I really don’t think it is fair,
To leave it just lying there.

Please take your  paper home with you.

by John Llewellyn.