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Your attention is drawn to the misuse of steel ashbins. An increasing trend in Camp is to deposit waste, other than ash, in bins that are dedicated to store ash.

The result is that baboons tip the ashbins, in turn attracting monkeys, warthogs and mongooses to investigate further. Add the prevailing winds to the equation and you have a camp environment strewn with litter. The common non ash items are bottle tops, tin foil, cans and plastics.

In addition, we would like to use use the collected fire ash from bungalows in our composting, which is is deposited in a pit at the rehabilitated dump site adjacent to the airstrip.

However, as a result of this contaminated ash, it is impractical to dig a hole for each ash collection or to transport the waste attendant up and down to the dump to sort through ash. 

Please be mindful that the ash bin is exactly that, an ash bin intended for ash disposal only. It would be appreciated if your “house rules” include a reminder to all Users and their guests to please refrain from using the ash bins as a general waste receptacle. 

Thank you for your valued cooperation in this regard.


by John Llewellyn.