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Predator Sightings


The following letter of complaint was received from a Member, describing their disappointing experience at an Ingwelala lion sighting:

"On Monday afternoon, 21st October 2013, we heard via the radio, that 2 lions had taken down a buffalo near the camp reservoir on the road to Motswari.

We drove across to see the sighting and when we got there, 4 vehicles had taken up positions directly in front of the sight. We drove up behind the 4th vehicle and waited patiently for those in front to enjoy the sight and move on (as per the rules of game viewing etiquette issued to everyone who enters Ingwelala). No-one moved - instead they sat there enjoying their drinks and taking photographs.

After waiting probably an hour, when it began to get dark, I shouted to the vehicle in front of us to please tell the people blocking the road in front to move so that we could also get a glimpse of the scene. The second vehicle from the front merely turned his vehicle at an angle so that we were able to move forward about 2 metres and in the gloom make out the 2 lions and a shape on the ground - presumably the buffalo.

In the meantime, vehicles which had arrived on the scene after us, had simply given up the wait and, with great difficulty, turned around and left. Eventually we had no choice but to do the same.

What a let-down! We have been coming to Ingwelala for 30 years and have never been privileged to witness such an exciting event. Monday evening proved to be no different - all because selfish individuals, who clearly feel that the rules do not apply to them, could not bring themselves to move on in consideration of others.
Because the vehicles were so close behind one another, we were unable to record unit numbers or licence plates.