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Medical Emergencies and Assistance

What happens if you get hurt, or have a medical emergency at Ingwe? Here's a report from one of our Members.

"I was very proud of the staff that recently came to the rescue of a Member, when one evening this young lady did an injustice to herself, after over-balancing at Klipspringer Lookout. It was an estimated nine-meter drop before she came to rest below the lookout.

Once notified, the staff reacted immediately. Accessing her was not easy, especially bringing a vehicle in as close as possible. On this count I acknowledge an admission of guilt for having to drive up the riverbed, north of Mermaid Crossing. I subsequently returned with John Lawrence and we spent several hours trying to cover the vehicle tracks as best we could.

The team did an outstanding job to keep this lady’s spirits up, carefully securing her on a spine board with a neck brace. There was no choice, but to relocate her back to the medical room. A doctor in camp kindly met us there and further assisted Maryna.

The Emergency Medical Procedure – free to Members through the SATIB Insurance Brokerage – was activated and had it not been a day before the Easter weekend I am sure the ambulance that was dispatched may have reached Ingwelala even sooner. It was just bad timing with medical rescue teams attending to our notorious road accidents countrywide. The patient was transported by ambulance under proper care to Nelspruit for further professional medical care.

Members are reminded of the remoteness of Ingwelala under these emergency circumstances. The closest hospitals are Tzaneen and Phalaborwa. If you suffer from bad allergies or take chronic medication, bring an extra course with you on holiday to Ingwelala, you just never know what may happen.

In activating this Emergency Medical Service I learned too, the value of having your personal documents at hand, especially any additional information regarding travel insurance cover you may be entitled to."

At Reserve level, it was a job well done, and I thank Heinz and Maryna, John and Babs, Dave and Stephanie, Natalie, the lady doctor and the Members who showed concern and assisted too. Ronald at the Gate, from MD Alarms, was outstanding when called on to assist carrying the patient to the waiting vehicle. It was heavy going in the thick sand.


by John Llewellyn.