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Annual Safari Challenge

The annual Safari Challenge was enthusiastically greeted by the contestants on the Saturday of the Easter weekend.

Water Polo Event

A water polo event, organised by Charlie and Raymond on the 31st of December 2016 around the pool, was a great success. Here are photos that Ingrid Passier took...

Improvements to Infrastructure

Recent renovations and upgrades to various facilities at Ingwelala: Fuel browsers, Sibon and Guineafowl Cottage

Little Elephant

Here are some photos of the little elephant that was abandoned by his mother and trying to survive without the herd. Marc told us his age was about 2 years but the elephant was very small and undeveloped.

2016 Reflections

John Llewellyn's annual Reserve summary... 

Predators and Buffalo in Camp

Looking at a satellite image of Ingwelala Camp shows what an oasis we are.

Altered Behaviour in Animals - Drought-related?

I hope you may find the following thread of pictures interesting, these are personal observations of processes I have not yet observed in the field before.

Swimming Pool Hippo Update

A hippo that finds the swimming pool an attractive place to be has continued to visit these chlorine waters on an ad hoc basis.

The Current Drought at Ingwelala – just how bad is it?

There has been widespread coverage of the current drought in the media: this leads one to speculate just how severe this drought is at Ingwelala, compared with previous droughts. 

March 2016

March 2016 was an eventful month on the Reserve, a busy time with school holidays and the Easter period.

2015 Reflections

John Llewellyn's annual Reserve summary...

On Playing the "Good Samaritan"...

A Member who wishes to remain anonymous shared the following story with me (JL):

Scorpion Sting

The effects and excruciating pain of a scorpion sting can never be underestimated, especially on young children. What follows is a real-life account from the father of a nine year old girl who was recently stung by a scorpion at Argyle Boma:

2014 Reflections

On behalf of all the Ingwelala staff, I take this early opportunity to wish each of our Christian Members a blessed and peaceful Christmas period, and all a prosperous 2015.

“She’s Home”

This weekend was a really special time because Susan Botes visited Ingwelala. Susan is the widow of Izak, who originally carved both the Mermaid and the Sleeping Beauty.

Nhlaralumi River: Post 2012 Floods

Document by John Llewellyn for inclusion with the Ingwelala appeal that was recently submitted to DEDET objecting to the decision made regarding the repair of upstream dams (Referred to in the recent Chairman Message).

2013 Reflections

“Schools out for summer” so I'll take this time and opportunity to thank the Members that I serve, the Ingwelala Board and all my work colleagues for your collective and fantastic support through 2013.

2012 Reflections

On behalf of the Ingwelala Board and Staff, happy New Year to all Members and their families. May 2013 be a fantastic year for each of you, accompanied by good health.

2011 Reflections

At the time of writing this report, 2012 is already upon us. On behalf of all the staff we wish you a successful and prosperous year supported by good health.


2010 Reflections

Reflecting back on 2010 earmarks a busy year for Ingwelala with a number of milestone achievements.

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