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Vervet Monkeys

The troop of vervet monkeys (Cercopithecus pygerythrus) that frequents the Reception car park are a growing concern from the point of view of behavioural changes.

Vine Snake

A very interesting meal was witnessed first-hand by Rob and Sylvia Vollet in Bungalow # 148. This ingestion took place in their Mbombela garden, amongst the busy branches that overhang the bird bath. 


The common warthog, Phacochoerus africanus, is no stranger to Ingwelala, often seen grazing on the lawned area around the swimming pool. 

White-headed Vulture

The White-headed Vulture (Aegypius occipitalis) is one of five species of vultures that can be seen at Ingwelala. Of huge concern is the steady decline of population numbers for the White-headed Vulture.


Special mention is made of the two sausage trees (Kigelia Africana) at the office that have flowered twice this summer. The sausage tree is relatively well known and easy to identify when in flower and bearing fruit.

Yellow Mouse-whiskers

Yellow Mouse-whiskers (Cleome angustifolia) have flowered in abundance this summer. No two seasons are the same, and it is interesting to observe and compare over the years the conditions that favour different species of plants.


Every now and again one hears a sound at night which, although is entirely believable, still seems out of kilter. One such sound occurred the other night when a herd of zebras chose to be very vocal.

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