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Tribute to Max

It was with deep sadness that Max, one of the original two tracking dogs, was euthanised on 31 May. 

He would have joined his brother Bill, in turning 10 years old on 6 June. Max bravely fought a chronic bout of tick fever for the past three months.

The Veterinarian was concerned that, despite a healthy level of fitness, his age would most likely count against him to beat the odds. That Max wanted to walk a few more miles in this life, there was no uncertainty.

The dogs joined the Ingwelala Team in 2009 when we were been swamped with solar panel theft.

Their objective was to track humans, having the advantage of tracking at night using their noses, obviating the need to wait for first light to follow the spoor with human trackers.

Bill and Max arrived as puppies, were trained by K9 Security Solutions, based near Pretoria.
See certificate.

Max on a tracking exercise

Max at three months

Bill and Max at six months

Max’s favourate – running in the river

From the same litter – Inseparable, and brothers in arms


by John Llewellyn