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Swimming Pool Hippo Update

A hippo that finds the swimming pool an attractive place to be has continued to visit these chlorine waters on an ad hoc basis.

It is a disheartening early morning greeting for Moses Nzimba and Timothy Khoza who have to firstly evict the amphibian and then clear the pool of vast quantities of hippo dung.

Whilst the conservation team strung a temporary electric strand around the pool each evening (to deter the hippo’s access), this is not a long term solution because of time constraints and the high risk of young children accidentally touching the electrified strand.

The maintenance team therefore came through with the idea of a solid post and rail structure that will hopefully deny the hippo access. There are some gaps along the main paved pathways leading to the central business areas, and these gaps will be closed (if necessary) in time, should the hippo manage to work out where the weak spots are.

It will be an interesting case study as the winter progresses. The real attraction for the hippo is the lawned area around the pool.


by John Llewellyn;