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Seasonal Changes

The cooler mornings and evenings and the seasonal rutting of the impala rams are the early indicators that Autumn has well and truly arrived, the vegetation however, is yet to turn colour.

The Mopane in most cases have retained their foliage due to the late rains received.

May followed on with very much the same challenges faced in April, all elephant related. The lockdown restrictions impacted enormously on our ability to deal with the repercussions of five elephant bulls coming and going from camp. Repairing fences and water pipes accounted for 90% of daily tasks, the tractors having an ever diminishing effect on these bulls to exit the camp.

The small breeding herd of elephants mentioned in my previous report returned to the camp area after an absence of two weeks. Their presence is a certain indicator of the general quietness of the camp area with minimal traffic and human noise.

This herd, in a short space of time, quickly established its daily routine using preferred paths and selected feeding areas. Of interest is comparing the minimal impact of the breeding herd to the impact of the bulls.

Work commenced on the firebreaks around the Members bungalows during the latter part of May. This work was delayed on multiple occasions due to the weather patterns and late rain being instrumental in prolonging the growth season. Firebreak preparation will continue into June, intending to complete this task by month-end.

Managing the necessary Covid-19 protocols for staff in terms of the Occupational and Health Safety Regulations is time consuming and certainly affects work



by Chris Mayes