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As the drier winter months set in, the camp environment becomes increasingly more appetising to elephants. 

This is because the browse material in camp stays greener for much longer than the natural veld, and elephants are attracted to this green bite. Currently there are five elephant bulls that have mastered breaching the camp fence.

I mention this because when the elephants enter the camp the water is switched off to avoid water wastage when the elephants pull up and break water pipes. On your next visit please take the trouble to fill up a few “emergency” containers of fresh water, so that you can boil water for tea, flush toilets etc., as it can take several hours for staff to locate and repair all the water leaks, often there are several breakages in one night.

One should therefore be extremely vigilant when walking about camp because you may well bump into an elephant. Notwithstanding the elephants, also be on the lookout for the buffalo bulls that also enjoy roaming around camp in search of a greener bite during the winter months. These aging “dugga boys” as they are affectionately known, are not to be underestimated by any means of the imagination. Their fearsome reputation amongst the Big Five is well known, and they can turn on you in a second, so please be very careful when walking through camp!


by John Llewellyn