Enkhulu Gate: Upgraded Security Access

Kindly be reminded of the upgraded security access at Enkhulu Gate, and the requirement for biometric registration on your next visit.

Below is the most recent communication (13 May 2022) from Brain Cilliers, sent to all Users, detailing what is required to register and gain access to the Reserve. This link to the User Manual is made available to assist you. Click here to download.

Dear Ingwelala Members,

I sent out a communication to all Authorised users on the 19th of April advising the old manual Access control system will be discontinued 30 April and as of the 1st of May all people passing through the Enkhulu gate will be required to follow the new Pre-authorised Access control system procedures. This communication also noted a few small changes to the system. The Chairman also added a note to the Chairman’s Letter to members 29 April about the Pre-authorised Access Control system including 5 simple steps that need to be followed. Enkhulu gate, however, have still allowed a grace period of two weeks, allowing people who have not followed procedure to pass through the gate. The Enkhulu gate advised me today that as of tomorrow they will no longer allow any one through the gate who have not been pre-authorised (completed Tag Holder or in position of a QR code).

The Access control system is working; the biggest problem is people not notifying the gate two working days prior to their first visit. This results in the gate not seeing the Tag Holder on the system; even though the member can see their Tag Holder profile it will not show at the gate if the gate has not been allocated to the Tag Holder profile. This system was developed and installed for the safety of all landowners, staff, and guests, it is in our interest to support the system. For those who have not completed the Pre-authorisation process please follow the 5 steps listed below to complete the Tag Holder (Pre-authorisation) process before arriving at the gate. Also do not forget to invite guests and ensure your guests know they need to arrive with the QR code in their position.

See 5 steps extracted from the Chairman’s Letter below:

Step 1. The bungalow administrator will have received an online link to access the gate company online platform – follow the link to access the on-line system.

Step 2. Complete the on-line details of all authorised users under “Property”

Step 3. Complete the on-line details of all the authorised users under “Tag Holders”

Step 4. Link the Tag Holder under “Tag Holders Applications” by approving the application

Step 5. Inform the gate manager (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) PRIOR to arrival to allow Biometrics to be done at the Gate.

Step 5 is critical to the process because the gates still have to be allocated to the Tag Holder. If a Tag Holder arrives before the gates are allocated the gate will not see the Tag Holder on the system and will not be able to complete the biometrics process. 90% of the problems experienced at the gate are due to Members not notifying the gate two business days prior to arrival. Note the gate management work business hours. The second common mistake is not approving the Tag Holder Application after its creation (step 4).


Brian Cilliers



by John Llewellyn

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