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2016 Reflections

John Llewellyn's annual Reserve summary... 

Notwithstanding the achievements of your Board and the critical role it plays in fulfilling its requirements to sustain a fully functional and operational Share Block through sound governance, compliance and transparency, I summarise at Reserve level, the challenges and achievements made in the field during 2016. There is no order of priority nor any expression of seasonal time lines.


  • An electronic borehole monitoring system was commissioned to better understand long term water
    table fluctuations and rate of water volume replenishment.
  • Analysis of artificial watering points, vulnerability to soil erosion (drought driven) and
    closer monitoring of negative impacts to establish a rotational water provision strategy.
  • Various trials on “best effective” configuration of the electrified Camp Fence to curb
    elephant damage & breaches (drought driven).
  • Construction of hippo fence (post and rail) to protect swimming pool from hippo
    inhabitation (drought driven).
  • Field trial on Wahlberg’s Plain and Serengeti Plains, ripping shallow contours on exposed bare soils
    to slow down surface water run-off and trap grasses seed base (drought driven).
  • Construction of several new stone gabions in identified areas vulnerable to soil & donga erosion
    (drought driven).


  • An appeal from Conservation Staff for all Users to better manage the ash bins placed at
    bungalows, deposit ash only please.
  • Owners of bungalows needing maintenance and repair responded positively to the
    requirements identified by the Building Committee. Thank you to all those Members concerned.
  • Trial basis on Game Viewer “Sibon 2” to electric conversion (green project) did not deliver
    the desired result, so the vehicle was restored to its original state.
  • Garaging (spatial) constraints in the Workshop – an ongoing appeal to Members to remove obsolete
    Game Viewers – work in progress.
  • Three new (imported) fuel dispenser pumps installed at the Forecourt.
  • Tennis court refurbished and resurfaced.
  • Guineafowl Cottage received a major revamp internally.
  • Sibon dining area improved and patio revamped and enlarged (work in progress as and
    when maintenance is scheduled in between high occupancy levels).
  • Sourcing the services of a professional landscaper to assist management with the layout
    and plant selection for the grounds around the administration complex. Entrance Gate
    and Sibon to follow.
  • Electrifying a secure area for aircraft on the airstrip apron.

Security and associated fund raising:

  • Within Nkorho, adoption of a full time Anti-Poaching & Security Supervisor
    (Ntomeni Rangers employee).
  • Increasing the ranger complement from six to ten rangers.
  • Construction of a 2-bedroomed cottage (on Ingwelala) for the security supervisor.
  • Integration of the UWCA to participate with Nkorho in security integrity and contract jointly
    the services of Ntomeni Rangers.
  • In the greater landscape, escalate the forum of the original Game Reserves United (GRU)
    to the Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Forum (GKEPF), and thereby transform the
    private nature reserves from a “Buffer Zone” to an “Integrated Management Area.
  • Coordinate all security fund raising initiatives into one PROJECT SKY HAWK, launched in the
    first quarter, and acquiring a substantial asset in the form of a Savannah aircraft purchased
    in the third quarter.
  • A massive THANK YOU to all those who have generously supported and continue to support
    this critical fund raising initiative.
  • Thank you for sponsoring the staff cycling in organised events, for participating in the
    inaugural “Easter Challenge” – planned to be even more challenging in Easter 2017
    – and competing in the Water Polo challenge at end December.

 by John Llewellyn