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2013 Reflections

“Schools out for summer” so I'll take this time and opportunity to thank the Members that I serve, the Ingwelala Board and all my work colleagues for your collective and fantastic support through 2013.

We remember those Members and families who lost their loved ones and had to deal with these sad losses. The wonderful memories of places and adventures with those who have left us will surely heal and ease the pain with the passing of time. It reminds all of us amidst our busy schedule of just how fragile life is and how important it is to make time for each other, to understand and appreciated others different points of view on life, and how fortunate it is to enjoy good health, never taken for granted.

Reflecting on the work place through 2013 provides the usual basket of mixed challenges, objectives and outcomes. Staying with the people theme, for the first time in six years it saw a number of changes in the management team. It took some adjusting, through time consuming “on the job” training the objective is to always provide the members with uninterrupted transition and continuity in the services provided. It amounted to three (couples) changes in the management team. I thank the Members for your friendliness and warm welcomes to the new recruits and for giving these staff their space to learn their new roles and responsibilities. All of this aids the outcome for positive and valuable contribution to Ingwelala.

Much of my work time was spent in the building arena of Members bungalows. Several rebuilds and major renovation projects are continually “on the go”. These projects require a lot of understanding and effort; an absolute knowledge and interpretation of the Building Regulations, liaison between Member and Building Committee, liaison between Member and Contractor, liaison between Building Committee and Contractor, and monitoring and policing the invaluable Ingwelala Environmental Management Plan (EMP). Investors are paying princely sums for these upgrades and far beyond the material values are the emotive issues that require a lot of sensitivity and empathy where neighbour disputes arise.

The activities upstream of Ingwelala, regarding the possible repair of river impoundments that affect us directly has been an interesting journey to date. Massive effort was put into the ecological reports submitted to the relevant government departments and authorities for review, consideration and decision making. To date there is no decision recorded. Ingwelala questions the legality of these dams and the legality of previous repairs and contests these sites be fully rehabilitated. Thereafter new application should be made, via a full environmental impact assessment process, for any dam building to take place.

Out and about on the Reserve, three new picnic sites were added for the enjoyment of Members. The facilities here are intended to be minimalistic, to have low impact on the environment and low maintenance upkeep. Finding sufficient shade in the right place at the right time of the day is always a challenge when selecting new or alternate sites. Any further improvements will most likely be shade related, should the need arise.  

Following on the previous paragraph, the swimming pool and grounds received minor improvements with a second paved access path laid from the car park to the Members TV area. The Garden of Remembrance was relocated to a quieter and more appropriate area in camp to allow bathers and Internet worshippers better shadier areas around the swimming pool and general Members area. These little touches will be ongoing as needs change. The Shop received a significant upgrade around mid-year with the fitting of appropriate shelving, cupboards and display cabinets.

Last but not least, your Board requested your participation in a general Members Survey. The timing of the survey dove-tails with the Board’s 2013 strategy planning, bearing in mind the 2014 Board theme of SUSTAINABILITY. The survey targeted Member feedback to understand if there is synergy and like-mindedness between the Board’s future strategies and thinking and that of what the Membership desires and holds as acceptable and appropriate values. The survey results were summarized at the 2013 AGM and subsequently posted on the Ingwelala web site. Representation for a meaningful survey result was more than adequate.

Thank you to those who participated and applied their minds to all the questions. The results are very positive, and clearly the vast majority of persons are thankfully on the same page! The feedback and results will be studied in detail and through 2014 at a Members’ information evening, the full analysis and implications will be shared in more detail.

I’d like to end on a personal note to say how much I look forward to analyzing and understanding the survey results in more depth, to learn where any weaknesses and oversights lie, in order to improve and embellish our values and the service standards we provide for the Membership. It is these new found challenges that inspire and motivate in the work place.

Chairman's New Year Message
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Thank you for your valuable input and feedback.                                      


by John Llewellyn