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Something new is always happening at Ingwelala! 

Our projects are as varied and as diverse as one would expect from an organisation with so many stakeholders, and impacting on so many lives.

What is important is that we strive to constantly improve the Ingwelala experience for our members within the conservation ethos and official regulations. Not everyone agrees with every  project, and this is why so many of our projects are presented to all concerned before implementation in an attempt to get a general consensus. 

This page centralises current projects, or projects under consideration by the Board, and will be updated as more information becomes available. 



Sibon Phase 2 was completed ahead of schedule, permitting earlier occupation than expected. Apart from a few minor items on the glitch list that needed attending to, general feedback by Users has been very positive. The flow of the main building is far more practical and lends itself to better “bush and outdoor” and style living.

A special thank you to everyone who assisted with this project to achieve a successful outcome.

The two new bedrooms relocated

The bedrooms now have views over the waterhole

Inside the kitchen

From kitchen to patio



Sibon Phase 2 continued to progress well through February, and although the task of capturing the true progress on camera is never easy, the images shared below are taken at the time of writing. It really is taking shape and I believe the outcome will enhance user experience exponentially. Not wishing to tempt a commentator’s curse, there is the slightest hint the project may be completed a few days ahead of schedule.

Preparing for paving to match the patio floor level so it is wheelchair friendly

Access pathway replaced with paving

Outside shower off Bedroom 1

Two guest bathrooms off gazebo/patio area

New kitchen, scullery and secure pantry area



Sibon Phase 2 progressing well, building contractor is ahead of schedule:

There are several building and maintenance projects in varying stages of progress or completion that are reported on:

Guineafowl Cottage; comb and patch roof with new mesh

Hornbill Cottage; comb and patch roof with new mesh

Francolin Cottage, underwent a complete rethatch, including new timber and mesh

Argyle Picnic Site, timber deck sanded and resealed

Nyala (staff residence) undergoing remedial thatch work to rectify water leaks


2018 Completed Projects


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