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Something new is always happening at Ingwelala! 

Our projects are as varied and as diverse as one would expect from an organisation with so many stakeholders, and impacting on so many lives.

What is important is that we strive to constantly improve the Ingwelala experience for our members within the conservation ethos and official regulations. Not everyone agrees with every  project, and this is why so many of our projects are presented to all concerned before implementation in an attempt to get a general consensus. 

This page centralises current projects, or projects under consideration by the Board, and will be updated as more information becomes available.

The larger projects that have been finalised can be found in the archives.  


Sibon Upgrade - Phase 1:


The Sibon Patio and Leadwood Cottage roofs were deteriorating - each with broken gum poles and brandering that posed a safety hazard.

The decision was taken to not just repair and re-thatch the roofs, but to consider future planned work to Sibon, designing an integrated solution, and building the Patio as phase 1 with phase 2 to complete the rebuild a year later. 

Phase 1 included the rebuild of Leadwood Cottage roof, and the steel door was replaced with a wooden door. The two outside showers were also renovated.




From June 2017, the Board has been focusing on improving communications.  To date the following projects have been implemented:

  • Between November and January, a Wi-Fi trial at the Members' Area  was successfully undertaken in order to see if we can improve the Internet service and experience for our Administration, Members and Guests. It went out to tender, and is currently in the process of being upgraded.
  • Telegram Messenger has been commenced, with regular updates from the reserve being sent to members who have subscribed. (It's a phone app.)
  • A new mobile-friendly and more modern website has been built. This is still a work in progress and additional functionality will be added once all the existing information has been loaded. 

Ingwelala Work Party:


In 2014, inspired by the work of other conservation organisations, Uwe Holhl from Bungalow 111 suggested that a focused work group tackle the problem of invading species.

His work parties, open to all and organised generally over long weekends, give our members an opportunity for a hands-on contribution to conserving “a little piece of Africa”.

Apart from the actual work, they give members and their guests a unique way of experiencing and interacting with nature, as well as bonding with fellow and like-minded hobby environmentalists.

The only requirement is a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

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