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Please note: The full Reserve Report is available on the Downloads page.

Staff Movement

  • Difference Mokoena has joined the Conservation Team as a Field Assistant. We congratulate him on his appointment and wish him many productive and fulfilling years at Ingwelala.

Roads & Tracks

  • Work done at members bungalows #43 and #42 to improve drainage. Repairs with tractor and blade was done sporadically across the reserve in September.
  • Road clearing done on the Northern sections of Sibon and Buffelsbed.


  • Regular inspections of the airstrip surface were carried out and recorded in the register.
  • Animal droppings removed and some coppiced vegetation cut back.
  • A reminder please that all airstrip users must complete (once off) an an Ingwelala Airstrip Indemnity Form before making use of the airstrip. Indemnity forms are obtainable from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Guest pilots must also complete the form before using the airstrip.


The Conservation Team carried out a significant amount of work on the electric fence, both the camp fence and Sibon fence.

  • Chris Mayes reports:
    “The month of September commenced quietly on the elephant front. Little did I know how this was about to change! During the last week of September, the bull elephant that had previously been entering through the main gate during August, commenced with nightly visits to the Camp area. Sometimes coming in alone, on other occasions bringing 2-3 bulls with him. The damage has been astronomical. At the time of writing we have 12-15 lathe screens to replace as well as the damage to the large trees either uprooted, pushed over or snapped off. All staff housing has some impact or form of damage as well. A permit for helicopter assistance has been granted by the Provincial Authorities. Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions and pilot availability, this has been postponed until all logistics and conditions in place. This exercise is imminent and urgent. Our intention is to push him to the North towards the KNP boundary and beyond if possible.”

Bomas, Hides and Picnic Sites

  • All materials have been ordered for the repairs to Elephant Pan Hide. No progress with repairs yet.


  • No incidents on Ingwelala during the reporting period.

Road Kill

  • X 2 tree squirrels
  • 1 Red-billed Hornbill.

General Fire risk management

The fuel load and biomass are classified and rated as high in certain areas of the camp. This is due to the late summer rains contributing to a high fuel load. Special Notices drawing attention to the time of the year and high risk have is highlighted in the Gate Letter. Managers on duty draw Members’ attention (via Member Channel 1) to the high fire risk under windy conditions.

  • Fire-fighting equipment is checked on a weekly basis.
  • X 1 tractor available to assist with fire-fighting (x2 water drawn carts).
  • X 1 “Bakkie-Sakkie” serviceable and responsive on a “first call” basis. 
  • X 20 fire beaters and and x 4 knap-sack sprays in good working order.
  • X 2 “frog pumps” fully operational.

Eskom Usage

The following graph shows the monthly Eskom Usage (Kwh) for Ingwelala.

Vehicles and Workshop

  • The general fleet and static plant maintenance is 100% compliant with the servicing schedule.

Reception Statistics

VEHICLES 152 139 312 352 250 331 28/1 350 281 256 209 454
MEMBERS/GUESTS 380 417 929 1107 592 1098 837 1049 898 742 536 1317
UNACCOMP. GUESTS 0 8 0 0 0 4 14 5 0 29 2 0
UNITS OCCUPIED 95 75 166 172 172 167 155 165 149 134 110 201
AIRBORNE VISITORS 4 3 6 6 6 17 15 6 1 18 6 10


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