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Please note: The full Reserve Report is available on the Downloads page.

Staff Movement

  • Elizabeth Ndlovu took retirement at normal retirement age. Please refer to text and photographs above.

Roads & Tracks

  • Fence Road Crossing on the Nhlaralumi River was repaired on three occasions. The Conservation Manager has requested a friendly reminder for all drivers to engage 4X4 through river crossings to avoid wheel slip damaging the compaction of the road surfaces at access and exit points.
  • Work continues on the roads servicing the mitre drains ahead of the rainy season.
  • Work in progress on the north west bank of the main causeway to repair damaged foundations and footing:


  • The airstrip surface was inspected on a regular basis and the general condition recorded in a register. Any identified hazards were removed from the runway surface.
  • A reminder please that all airstrip users must complete (once off) an an Ingwelala Airstrip Indemnity Form before making use of the airstrip. Indemnity forms are obtainable from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Guest pilots must also complete the form before using the airstrip.

Waste Items

The following image may assist all of us to distinguish between recyclable waste items and non-recyclable waste items:

Ash bins to be used for ash only


The challenges with the elephants in camp continued in through the early part of August, compounded by the poor veld conditions, deteriorating further after our third season of below average rainfall.

It has created enormous pressure on deterring elephant from the areas where water is readily available as well as the more ‘cultivated’ green vegetation within the Camp perimeter.

The next trial to deter elephants from breaching the Camp fence, as recommended by Elephants Alive is the application of imported chilli paste to the fence posts. This targets elephants’ acute sense of smell.

The fence was breached on 15 separate occasions and the necessary repairs were carried out. The fence material itself is in a poor state of health due to all the repairs. The result is the force of the electrical power diminishes. Much work will go into the fence in the months ahead to reinstate an acceptable voltage as per the APNR electric fence Protocol. There will be a modest financial cost to achieve this.

Bomas, Hides and Picnic Sites

The following work was completed during the reporting period:

  • Elephants damaged the table and benches at the picnic site opposite Old Farmhouse along leadwood Drive. The benches at the Memorial Garden were repaired.


  • No incidents on Ingwelala during the reporting period.

Road Kill

  • X 1 Cape Spurfowl
  • X 2 Yellow-billed Hornbills
  • X1 Steenbok
  • X 1 Mozambique Spitting Cobra

General Fire risk management

Veld fire and general fire risk rating is currently very high given the extremely dry conditions.

  • Fire-fighting equipment is checked on a weekly basis.
  • X 1 tractor available to assist with fire-fighting (x2 water drawn carts).
  • X 1 “Bakkie-Sakkie” serviceable and responsive on a “first call” basis. 
  • X 20 fire beaters and and x 4 knap-sack sprays in good working order.
  • X 2 “frog pumps” in for servicing.

Eskom Usage

The following graph shows the monthly Eskom Usage (Kwh) for Ingwelala.

Vehicles and Workshop

  • The general fleet and static plant maintenance is 100% compliant with the servicing schedule.
  • The New Holland 4X4 tractor is in for clutch repairs (thrust bearing).
  • Land Cruiser (C2) was serviced, including repairs to the clutch and all bushes.
  • Ford Tractor 4X2 had its battery replaced and x2 new link pins replaced.

Reception Statistics

VEHICLES 128 138 340 311 171 304 273 321 230 174 135 347
MEMBERS/GUESTS 357 356 956 988 453 907 793 1002 727 601 399 1060
UNACCOMP. GUESTS 0 8 0 0 2 8 0 0 7 9 2 7
UNITS OCCUPIED 136 75 173 233 135 160 170 168 140 117 81 177
AIRBORNE VISITORS 9 3 3 4 8 3 5 8 4 9 6 1


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