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Please note: The full Reserve Report is available on the Downloads page.

Staff Movement

  • Nil.

Baboons in Camp

  • Two employees deployed as baboon monitors (from the 10th of the month) have been very effective, the results are proving to be positive. The troop is ushered out of the camp environment in the early morning to prohibit any movement around the Members’ bungalows.

Roads & Tracks

    • The river crossing the Nhlaralumi River along fence road was graded and compacted. Protruding rocks were removed from this crossing using the tractor and ripper.
    • Fence Road was dragged with tractor and tyres and encroaching branches onto the road cut back.
    • Drainage hump between Bungalows #49 and #44 were reshaped and mitre drains serviced.
    • Off-loading the new custom-built tractor drawn roller that will be extremely useful for road and airstrip maintenance:

Main Causeway

  • Repairs by the Control Gate Company to the repair the damaged apron and footing are completed.


  • The airstrip surface was inspected on a regular basis and the general condition recorded in a register. Any identified hazards were removed from the runway surface.
  • A reminder please that all airstrip users must complete (once off) an an Ingwelala Airstrip Indemnity Form before making use of the airstrip. Indemnity forms are obtainable from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Guest pilots must also complete the form before using the airstrip.


The Conservation Manager reports:

“As is normal during the dry winter months, the challenges regarding elephant incursions through the perimeter fence continued, albeit on a much lesser scale this month.

The relocation exercise of the previous month certainly was a great success. In total there were 11 breaches, with some extensive damage to solar panels and lath fencing. The elephant bull responsible for this damage is one of the three bulls chased from the camp area by helicopter in August.

I have subsequently heard that he has caused considerable damage to pumps, fencing and solar installations with some of the neighbouring properties as well. We continue to drive him out of the camp area with tractors as the most effective method.

We commenced with the replacing of the damaged steel wires on the camp fence. This is not a total replacement, but more a case of replacing the worst rusted and joined wiring. This will continue into October, and in addition we will be re-installing 50 earth spikes, as well as heavy duty trampoline springs to deter the elephants that use their tusks to snap the fencing.”

Bomas, Hides and Picnic Sites

  • There was once again elephant damage to the walkway at Elephant Pan Hide which was repaired. The outside of the walkway was sprayed with an organic product, Bio-Neem, as an additional experiment for effectiveness.
  • All hides and bomas were sprayed with the pesticide, Fendona (anti-mosquito), during the month.


  • No incidents on Ingwelala during the reporting period.

Road Kill

  • X 2 Hornbills
  • X 1 Impala (on tar road opposite Ntsiri airstrip)
  • X1 1 Scrub Hare

General Fire risk management

Veld fire and general fire risk rating is currently very high given the extremely dry conditions.

  • Fire-fighting equipment is checked on a weekly basis.
  • X 1 tractor available to assist with fire-fighting (x2 water drawn carts).
  • X 1 “Bakkie-Sakkie” serviceable and responsive on a “first call” basis. 
  • X 20 fire beaters and and x 4 knap-sack sprays in good working order.
  • X 2 “frog pumps” back from servicing and fully operational.

Eskom Usage

The following graph shows the monthly Eskom Usage (Kwh) for Ingwelala.

Vehicles and Workshop

  • The general fleet and static plant maintenance is 100% compliant with the servicing schedule.

Reception Statistics

VEHICLES 128 138 340 311 171 304 273 321 273 174 135 347
MEMBERS/GUESTS 357 356 956 988 453 907 793 1002 751 601 399 1060
UNACCOMP. GUESTS 0 8 0 0 2 8 0 0 4 9 2 7
UNITS OCCUPIED 136 75 173 233 135 160 170 168 141 117 81 177
AIRBORNE VISITORS 9 3 3 4 8 3 5 8 9 9 6 1


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