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Please note: The full Reserve Report is available on the Downloads page.

Chris Mayes reports:
“An extremely hot November came to its conclusion with the mercury peaking at 44 degrees Celsius during the reporting period. The rainfall threatened on numerous occasions but produced less than anticipated.

November is traditionally one of the quietest months of the year with regards to camp occupancy. This year proved to be no different as was evident from the limited entries in the Reception sightings register and the limited radio traffic amongst members regarding game movement.

The earlier spring rainfall that fell during October produced a healthy growth vigour in the veld. This initial growth was then boosted by the 46.1 mm of rain that fell during November. Current short to medium term forecasts by the South African Weather Service indicate that below average rains can be expected for the north eastern parts of the country accompanied by above normal temperatures. Please see the summarised forecast by the Weather Service on the home page."

Staff Movement

  • Andre and Daphne Strydom reached retirement age. On behalf of Ingwelala I thank them both for their tremendous contribution in the workplace since December 2013. We wish Andre and Daphne well and the best of luck in their future endeavours and journeys. The Organisational Staff Chart will be updated for the December report.

Roads & Tracks

  • Clearing of roads from elephant impact continued as and when time permitted.
  • The recent rains created suitable conditions to deploy the tractor and blade to commence grading the roads identified as requiring priority work. This included the designated crossings on all three of the river systems.


  • The airstrip surface was checked weekly and the condition noted in the register.
  • Elephant droppings and minor vegetation were removed.
  • The apron was dragged with the heavy industrial tyres in early November.
  • A reminder please that all airstrip users must complete (once off) an an Ingwelala Airstrip Indemnity Form before making use of the airstrip. Indemnity forms are obtainable from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Guest pilots must also complete the form before using the airstrip.


  • Repairs were daily during the first fortnight and then sporadic to repair damage from buffalo and giraffe.
  • The entire fence line was treated with herbicide.
  • A special task team was formed to assist with finding a long term solution to curb elephant incursions into camp.

Bomas, Hides and Picnic Sites

  • The hides underwent a malaria spray.


  • No incidents to report.

Road Kill

  • Nil

General Fire risk management

The ongoing rains deem fire risk to be moderate in the veld.

  • All firefighting equipment checked and tested on Sundays.
  • X 2 tractors available to assist with fire-fighting (x2 water drawn carts).
  • X 1 “Bakkie-Sakkie” serviceable and responsive on a “first call” basis.
  • X 20 fire beaters and and x 4 knap-sack sprays in good working order.
  • X 2 “frog pumps” fully operational.
  • Fire extinguishers annual servicing scheduled in October.

Eskom Usage

The following graph shows the monthly Eskom Usage (Kwh) for Ingwelala.

Vehicles and Workshop

  • The general fleet and static plant maintenance is 100% compliant with the servicing schedule.

Reception Statistics

VEHICLES 217 173 200 5 4 108 207 400 467 405 245 439
MEMBERS/GUESTS 631 487 542 10 8 316 538 1142 1332 1134 690 1407
UNACCOMP. GUESTS 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 1 13 0 0
UNITS OCCUPIED 129 103 120 5 4 48 112 186 196 109 88 185
AIRBORNE VISITORS 2 11 3 0 0 13 5 15 9 11 2 3


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