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Please note: The full Reserve Report is available on the Downloads page.

We express our deepest condolences to the van der Nest family in Bungalow # 30 over the passing of a family member.

Another month passed with ongoing challenges from elephant bulls, damaging camp infrastructure. Notwithstanding damage to Members’ solar panel installations, outside showers, lath screens, windows and water reticulation the company infrastructure took a pounding too, irrespective of timber screen configuration or fence design.

However, May is traditionally a busy month on the Reserve. So, despite the elephant challenges, we set out to remain positive in the execution of our duties and managed to deliver on several administrative and physical tasks at hand.

Vuka Ingwe timber screen annihilated

Vuka Ingwe perimeter fence, usually stands the test

Standard fence on camp perimeter no longer a deterrent

The May Board Meeting was held on 25 May, and herewith some interim feedback, on behalf of the Board:

  • The Legal Committee is reviewing the MOI and other official documents with the objective of aligning these documents with the Greater Kruger Co-operative Agreement and Reserve Management Plan. Membership consultation will follow once the recommended amendments find Board support.
  • Risk review is ongoing where each Committee is tasked to identify its top six risks.
  • The Delegation of Authority Framework was reviewed, updated and approved as a Chart of Authority, effective 01 July 2019.
  • The Social Media Policy approved at the 2019 AGM is under review, taking into account comments received from Members around this Media Policy.
  • The budgets tabled for 2019/20 were approved for both Ingwelala and Sibon. The Ingwelala levy will increase by 4.9%. The Sibon rates for high season will increase by 2.85% and by 7% for low season.
  • Insurance renewals are underway for all short term risk policies.
  • The Reserve Manager will be in communication with Bungalow Administrators about the requirements and conditions of COCs’ regarding LP Gas and Solar installations, with recommendations and tips on maintaining best practice.
  • The External Relations Committee continues to engage daily with the Nkorho and Umbabat Excos around all matters relating to the Umbabat and the way forward to meet NEMPAA compliance in terms of the Greater Kruger Co-operative Agreement. A huge amount of personal time is spent on this project.
  • Considering continuity in Director succession and leadership, it was agreed that Rory Kirk take over the duties as Board Chairman, from Andrew Hauptfleisch, with effect 01 June.

On the above paragraph, and on behalf of the staff, I wish to thank Andrew Hauptfleisch for his contribution as Chairman over the past 12 months. It has not been without its challenges and the staff remain grateful for Board support.

Staff Movement

Roads & Tracks

  • Nil


  • Regular visits to the airstrip surface were done and recorded in the inspection register.
  • A reminder please that all airstrip users must complete (once off) an an Ingwelala Airstrip Indemnity Form before making use of the airstrip. Indemnity forms are obtainable from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Guest pilots must also complete the form before using the airstrip.


  • There were only two nights during May, when the camp fence was not breached by elephants. The Sibon fence was breached on seven occasions.
  • Due to the Conservation Team spending all their available work time repairing fences and water leaks, it was not possible to deliver on any other conservation work tasks.
  • A report was submitted to the Board of Directors on 25 May for assessment, due consideration and direction on the way forward. The elephant bull identified for causing 90% of the damage was subsequently referred to the MTPA as a damage causing animal under the Threatened or Protected Species (TOPS) legislation. This elephant bull's behaviour was changing to noticeably less tolerance towards humans, exacerbated by his musth cycle commencing. At the time of compiling this report, MTPA euthanized the animal (off Ingwelala) in the best interests of human safety. This action was communicated to all Bungalow Administrators via e-mail.

Bomas, Hides and Picnic Sites

  • The Bird Hide walkway was fully reconstructed during the reporting period. A flush toilet will be a new addition to Bird Hide. This is work in progress to commission the facility and should be completed by the third week of June. (See photos)
  • Elephant Pan Hide had a comb and patch on the thatch roof and new wire mesh fitted.


  • No incidents on Ingwelala during the reporting period.

Road Kill

  • Nil

General Fire risk management

Firebreak preparation
The annual firebreak preparation around the camp infrastructure and bungalows commenced in May. The fuel load and biomass are classified and rated as high in certain areas of the camp. This is due to the late summer rains extending the growth season. This task is 80% complete. Special Notices drawing attention to the time of the year and increased fire risk have been circulated to Members in residence and noted in the Gate Letter.

  • Fire-fighting equipment is checked on a weekly basis.
  • X 1 tractor available to assist with fire-fighting (x2 water drawn carts).
  • X 1 “Bakkie-Sakkie” serviceable and responsive on a “first call” basis. 
  • X 20 fire beaters and and x 4 knap-sack sprays in good working order.
  • X 2 “frog pumps” fully operational.

Eskom Usage

The following graph shows the monthly Eskom Usage (Kwh) for Ingwelala.

Vehicles and Workshop

      • The general fleet and static plant maintenance is 100% compliant with the servicing schedule.

Reception Statistics

VEHICLES 152 139 312 352 250 304 273 321 273 256 209 454
MEMBERS/GUESTS 380 417 929 1107 592 907 793 1002 751 742 536 1317
UNACCOMP. GUESTS 0 8 0 0 0 8 0 0 4 29 2 0
UNITS OCCUPIED 95 75 166 172 172 160 170 168 141 134 110 201
AIRBORNE VISITORS 4 3 6 6 6 3 5 8 9 18 6 10


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