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Theodolate Mgiba

Theodolate Mgiba joined the Ingwelala Housekeeping Team on 01 July 2012. Since then, Theodolate has assisted in the Laundry, Guest Cottages, Members’ bungalows and undertaken relief duties at Sibon

Theodolate has a home in Cottondale Village, near Acornhoek, her son Admire, is 13 years old and her daughter Kwanala, is three and a half years old. The children are cared for by her sister.

At school, Theodolate reached Grade 12, but due to tough circumstances that year, was unable to pass her final exams. Mathematics was her favourite subject. Extra mural activities and interests included a passion for Drama and Acting.

When chatting about Ingwelala, likes and dislikes, Theodolate was keen to acknowledge her enjoyment of the staff being friendly towards one another, and that the supervisors are very approachable when there is a need to discuss challenges and assist with problem solving, in both work and personal capacities. Problem solving on your own, is not always that easy. Theodolate suggested that in Vuka Ingwe a creche type facility would be welcomed for visiting children.

On the wildlife front, a lion is Theodolate’s favourite animal, because her surname means lion. Her favourite plant is the impala lily because it survives on very little water and the flowers are beautiful.

by John Llewellyn