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Sandra Makhubele & Solly Hlatswayo

This month we chat to Sandra Makhubele who was first employed at Ingwelala in February 1987. Sandra has been a loyal employee with 30 years’ service! 

Congratulations to Sandra, what a wonderful mile stone and achievement. Sandra is married to Solly Hlatswayo (also a sterling contribution of 25 years’ service!).

Their family home is in Acornhoek. Together Sandra and Solly have five children, two sons and two daughters and five grand-children. Their oldest daughter is studying law at the University of Limpopo. Sandra has two close relatives working at Ingwelala, her sister Phyllis, in Housekeeping, and her nephew, Augustine, who works in the Maintenance team.

It was interesting to learn that in her early days of employment Sandra assisted in the general administration grounds including maintaining the original swimming pool. Sandra assisted as the domestic worker in the home of Glen Divine, and for a long time now has worked in Housekeeping.

The leopard is Sandra’s favourate animal, because she described to me that any leopard sighting is very special, leopards are seldom seen and therefore it is a privilege when you do see one. Sandra went on to further describe that her job brings her great joy because she sees all types of animals during the day. When walking between bungalows you never know what animal you may see next.

Sandra acknowledged the kindness of Members, especially those Members who she has known for a long time, who’s bungalows she cleans on a regular basis.

When asked about her views on the future at Ingwelala, and what she hopes for, Sandra humbly replied that formal education it is very costly, and that any salary increase will assist their family life enormously.

Solly Hlatswayo, married to Sandra, joined Ingwelala in April 1992.

Solly’s first work responsibility was maintaining the electric fence.

Later he became the tractor driver, before assisting with water provision and the cleaning of Hides & Bomas.

For the past decade Solly has worked in the Maintenance team, chief-in-charge of gas lights and repair of camp water leaks. 

In addition, a large part of his job is transporting Housekeeping Staff to and from bungalow cleans and laundry deliveries.




 by John Llewellyn