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Phylis Makhubele

Phylis Makhubele joined Ingwelala on 02 October 1992, when she was appointed to assist the grounds and swimming pool staff. 

A year later Phylis was transferred to Housekeeping where she plays an integral role with bungalow cleans.

Married to John Mathebula, John and Phylis raised three children, one daughter, Dolli, sadly passed away at the age of 25, after suffering a long illness with blood pressure challenges. Their only son, Thomas, is a farm assistant in Hoedspruit while the second daughter, Madama, assists with looking after the two grandsons at home. Phylis mentioned that her parents were originally from Maputo in Mozambique.

In the work place, Phylis has two sisters, Sandra and Lucy, who also assist in Housekeeping. Mendrew, a nephew to Phylis is employed in Maintenance. Phylis enjoys her work very much, looks forward to assisting Members with cleans and chars, and enjoys speaking to everyone she meets.

Phylis has three favourate trees. The Jackleberry, because the fruit are deliciously edible, the Mopane, because the harvest of mopane worms is equally delicious to eat, and finally, the Marula, where the fruit provides a variety of tasty options to ingest. When quizzed on her favourate animal, there appeared a broad smile on Phylis’s face, declaring that an impala is top of the pops because its meat is healthy to eat.

In her spare time, Phylis enjoys watching TV to remain socially informed what is happening in the rest of the world.

Congratulations to Phylis who will celebrate 25 years’ service in a few months’ time. Thank you for your loyal service to Ingwelala.

by John Llewellyn