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Olivia Bango

Olivia Bango, daughter of the late Christina Bango (previous employee), joined the Housekeeping team in November 2016.

Olivia is from Acornhoek, she attended school at Mawvane School, passing Grade 11, her favourate subject at school was English, as Olivia feels it is the widest and most common spoken language in South Africa. Unfortunately, the responsibilities of single parenting at the age of 18, prevented Olivia from continuing to Grade 12. Olivia has three children, a 14-year old daughter named Thoena, a 12-year old son named Vision, and a 5-year daughter named Enough. The children are looked after by Sidney, Olivia’s younger brother. Olivia enjoyed singing in the Mawvane School Choir.

A certain highlight for Olivia is being able to see animals in the work environment. No particular animal is top of the pops for Olivia, but elephants, leopards and zebras got special mention. Olivia enjoys Mopane and Marula trees because they provide an important food source for humans and wildlife (mopane worms and marula fruit).

Olivia’s sporting interest is supporting Kaiser Chiefs, and, in her leisure, time enjoys watching television.


by John Llewellyn