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Maria Mabunda

Maria Mabunda joined the Ingwelala Team 26 years ago in November 1993.

Ingwelala became known to Maria through her sister, who at that time worked as a domestic for the Reserve Manager. Initially Maria assisted in the Shop, having managed a modest vendor business retailing in clothes. Later, Maria transferred to the Housekeeping Team.

Raised in her family home in Acornhoek, Maria attended the Timbavati Primary School, where she successfully ventured as far as Grade 6. Economics prevented further study opportunities.

Maria married her husband in a traditional ceremony, and together they raised a family of three boys and three girls. Amongst their children are a set of twins, a boy and a girl, born in 1993, the same year Maria joined Ingwelala.

For its pure size and wisdom, Maria’s favourate animal is the elephant, describing it as majestic and mischievous!

The marula tree comes out a firm favourite when chatting about flora, being able to make a tasty jam and juice from the marula fruit.

Maria enjoys playing football and is an avid Kaiser Chiefs supporter.

In discussion on Maria’s long and loyal service, it’s the people that make her happy, the Members, their guests, the staff, everyone contributing to her enjoyment in the work and social environment.


by John Llewellyn