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Lisbeth Ndlovu

Lisbeth Ndlovu joined the Ingwelala Housekeeping Team as a permanent employee on 8 December 1991.

She has worked mainly in management staff houses since starting at Ingwelela. She also assists with the laundry and Members’ bungalows.

Lisbeth has lived in the area all her life. She was born in the Timbavati. She is married and had one child, however, she lost this child some years ago. She has five adult grandchildren – one girl and four boys, two of whom work in the mining industry.

Lisbeth says she is extremely happy at Ingwelala and enjoys her work as a housekeeper. She gets on very well with her colleagues and has a strong bond with them.

Lisbeth will be retiring later this year and is looking forward to it she says.

In her spare time she makes beautiful grass mats and wooden spoons, something she thoroughly enjoys doing.


by Judy Robinson