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Alfret Namane

On 12 November 1997, at 41 years of age, Alfret joined the Ingwelala Team as a tractor driver, a position he still holds today

Alfret Namane was born on 10 October 1956. His family home was in Bushbuckridge, and is one of six children, having three brothers and two sisters. Alfret is married and he and his family live in Acornhoek. He has six children, the oldest daughter is 24, who is employed as a packer on a citrus farm in Hoedspruit.

A massive part of Alfret’s job in the conservation team is road maintenance, and he is a true wizard with the tractor and blade. Tasks include servicing all the mitre drains which means selecting drain alignment to direct water run-off, cutting the mitre drains and recovering excess and washed soil back onto the road surface. The drainage humps in the road are all constructed using the tractor and blade. Over time with all the game viewers aiding compaction on the road surface the camber is influenced, and again Alfret attends to this and can shape the camber with a blade. The cosmetic action of dragging tyres over the road surface to smooth over all the bumps and ripples is the easy part! Thank you Alfret, for the fantastic work you do on the roads.

In questioning Alfret about life and work on Ingwelala, he explained that a buffalo is his favourate animal, because it is less aggressive than an elephant. A buffalo will observe you and then move away, whereas you can never be sure what an elephant will decide to do next. In all his years working in the field, he smiled broadly and informed me has never had a close encounter with a dangerous animal or venomous snake for that matter. Work wise he wishes that all the staff can be healthy and strong to undertake their tasks efficiently and enjoy their work. Alfret also wishes that staff retiring from Ingwelala have sufficient pension funds for quality lives.

On a sporting note Alfret coaches and manages the staff football team, and is a great fan of Kaizer Chiefs.


by John Llewellyn