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Vuka Ingwe Children’s Holiday Programme

The Vuka Ingwe Children’s Holiday Program was held over two’s day during December 2018. It was a great success and we had such a happy although extremely hot time.

An art project was done with the children which they loved.

A large piece of paper was rolled out and the children sat around it and painted a mural for the wall of the community centre.

Jo Mac an art teacher who led the project has a wonderful warm personality and the children loved her. Bridget Bailey/Thorpe, also a teacher was of invaluable support to the whole project, her husband Michael doing a sterling job of videoing the event.

Jane Scott, Kerry Baldwin, Kyle and Bev Maile organized a gardening project.

The children decorated a coke bottle and were then shown how to turn it into a planter. Livingstone’s provided all the compost and potting soil, carrots and spinach were planted. We were very fortunate to have some young men to help us, who did not mind playing in the soil. Hopefully some of the veggies grow !!!!!

Chris Thorpe built a house and a spaza shop which the children got to decorate and they loved playing inside them. My description of these “little play houses” does not do them justice, they were magnificent !

Being so hot we kept the children well hydrated with cold juice and sandwiches beside the odd treat.

The highlight of the day was the game drive. We had 10 vehicles full of happy faces. This was great fun and everybody at Ingwelala called in sightings, with the result that the children were spoilt for choice.

We had a refreshment break at Argyle Boma, the refreshments were guzzled down quickly as they children wanted to get back on drive. At this point a number of helpers who were not on drive shared some bubbles and a laugh, happy that the day had gone so well. 

The 2nd day of the program was set aside for the Christmas Party, face painting and games. We had lovely young members who did the face painting and happily entertained the children with games, and crossed all language barriers. The children got party packs that contained school stationery, a lunch box, water bottle, ball and of course a bag with some sweet treats.

A soccer match was held closer to Christmas day and fun was had by all.

We put 2 netball/basketball hoops (these were donated) in the village and left a supply of balls, including ones for soccer.

The children of the Vuka Village were so well behaved and enthusiastic that it has been a pleasure to be involved in this project. Nothing happens without support and the generous donations of all kinds from the Ingwelala Community and was much appreciated. We have some money left over and I hope to build on this for a bigger and better 2019 Program.

All the help over the two days was so appreciated we could not have done it without you all, however special mention needs to be made of Derek King and his family and Chris Thorpe and his family, there support was invaluable. Thank you.


by Belinda Scott