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The Nhlaralumi River flowed after fantastic rains in 2019, in that both January and February exceeded their long-term average figures.

The rains have been effective, meaning that the soaking rains have dominated the high-volume type run-off rains. This has stimulated high growth vigour in the grass sward, producing a high level of grass biomass. Year on year the veld condition is much improved compared to early 2018.

Good rains in the Nhlaralumi catchment to the south of Ingwelala resulted in the river flowing strongly in mid and late February. This is always a welcome sight and a reminder that nature intended these non-perennial rivers to function in an open and natural way.

Any impoundments on these river systems should be minimalistic to avoid long-term negative impact on the riparian areas.

The Nhlaralumi River flowing strongly late February and early March 2019
Adult female nyala (Tragelaphus angasii)

The last image, is representative of current veld conditions following above average rains for two consecutive months. General animal condition in the herbivores is excellent. Body weight has increased significantly in a short period of time. Coats are shiny and the appearances spell healthy!

This is a far cry from five months ago when there was hardly a blade of grass to be seen away from the riverine areas.


by John Llewellyn