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Nyala Incident

A very unfortunate incident occurred when a nyala bull gored Brad Waggoner from Bungalow # 74. The incident happened near the bungalow around 08h00 one morning.

Massive acknowledgement and thanks must go to everyone who rushed to the scene to assist Brad and his wife Joan. The paramedic from Africa Safe-T, deployed from the Hoedspruit node, was outstanding, as was the crisis management from our insurance broker firstEquity and the SATIB 24 CRISIS CALL facility. The support was simply amazing, with a helicopter deployed from Johannesburg to airlift Brad to a Nelspruit medical facility.

On site, Members in Bungalow # 209 and # 197 assisted hugely. Staff Members Chris Mayes and Dave Annandale who attended the scene deserve special thanks. Back in the office Janet Mayes, Adél Annandale and Daphne Strydom kept a calm approach and administratively kept all the logistical arrangements in hand. Well done to everyone who helped save Brad’s life!

As an awareness initiative, to remind our community how remote Ingwelala really is when “things go wrong”, Joan asked me to publish in the Reserve Report her letter of gratitude written to the Board:

"Dear Belinda, 

Thank you so much for your email, your concern and your good thoughts.We so, so much appreciate it.

Brad is doing well. And improving daily albeit slowly. It will take time and there are a few hurdles ahead but so far so good. And for that we are extremely grateful.

We are also extremely grateful to John and the Ingwelala family for all They did on the day. They, along with the members, who rushed to our Bungalow, literally saved his life.It seems never ending, but hopefully with some useful rain and the veld greening up, the elephant pressure may ease up in camp.

The facilities in the medical suite were top notch. The staff were incredible. We would not be here in Nelspruit hospital on the mend were it not for what Everyone did to help us.

We are eternally grateful to John, Dave, Chris, Daphne, Adel, Janet, Natalie – and also to Chris and Auriel Thorpe - we are eternally grateful as we also are to Connie and his daughter Robyn and her partner - the Ingwelala members who came to our aid. We believe it was their initial efforts which helped stabilise Brad and keep him with us before we got to the Ingwelala Medical Centre and the staff took over as we waited for the helicopter.

So many of our Ingwelala family did so much for us and so fast. Were it not for them and the organising of the ambulance and helicopter I don’t think I would be writing this today. There are no words that can express how thankful and grateful we are for all everyone did for us. We appreciate it with all our hearts and will be eternally grateful to you all.

God bless you and thank you all. We look forward to seeing you all and having a hug and thanking you each in person soon.

With love and deep appreciation,
Joan & Brad Waggoner
Bungalow #74”

Brad is recovering really well and has been given the green light to fly home on 13 November. Join us in wishing Brad a full and speedy recovery.


by John Llewellyn