In loving memory of Bill: RIP

At the time of finalising this report, it is with great sadness we say good-bye to the remaining company dog, Bill, who passed suddenly from a ruptured spleen, induced by a malignant tumour.

There is some comfort that his passing was without a long suffering illness.

Bill survived his brother, Max, (same litter) who died from Tick Bite Fever in May 2019. The two brothers were born on 06 June 2009.

The need to train and deploy two tracker dogs at that time was due to a scourge of theft of solar panels and security related matters. The dogs performed in their duties exceptionally well, their unprecedented obedience and loyal service to the company paid significant economic dividends.

Their mere presence and habitual successes on the track were sufficient to second guess end any mischievous behaviour in the minds of perpetrators. A job well done!

A chapter closes in the life of Ingwelala:

Bill (left) and Max: Three months old

Exercising in the river – what they loved most

Standing still – a rare moment for a Pointer!

In closing there are several staff acknowledgements due for the management, welfare and full time care of the dogs, given the extreme summer temperatures, the ever presence of venomous snakes, and the predatory nature of leopards and hyenas. There was a massive effort that went into ensuring the dogs were never a “nuisance” factor in camp with unscrupulous barking detracting from the natural experience one expects to find in wild areas.

In this regard I thank Sibongile, Surprise, Hendrinah and Covey in Housekeeping who did their fair share of day-time supervision whilst the dogs were home in their yards. During these past 11 years, thanks go to past and present supervisory staff Pieter & Annemie, Heinz & Maryna, Robere & Judy, Andre & Daphne, and Mark & Karen, who all made their homes available to achieve a common goal in the best interests of the company and its general security.  

Thatch Risk Acceptances (TRA), our current insurer, sponsored the security dog, Stormy, (Mark Shaw was the handler), and is also acknowledged for its generous support towards wildlife security.


by John Llewellyn

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