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February Rains

The forecasted rain for the second week of February arrived in all its glory on the night of the 10th February.

A total of 104 mm of rain fell over a 12-hour period. This brought a strong bank to bank flow to all three of our river systems. The Nhlaralumi and Ga-Sekgobela were particularly impressive.

Damage assessment has been ongoing in the last few weeks. The bulk of this will be the damages to the Sekgobela causeway below #208. We suspect that tumbling rocks and tree trunks were responsible for the cracking of the concrete surface on the Northern or downstream side of the causeway. In addition, once the top had cracked off, the fill that was present underneath was washed out in the current. This created further weak points and collapsed the concrete even further. The building contractors have been approached for estimates for the repairs.

Another area of damage was the electric fence which was washed away on the river crossings. An Elephant Bull took full advantage of this unobstructed path and strolled into the Camp area in his seasonal pursuit of Marula fruit. He remained in and out for a week following the heavy rain. Some damage to staff housing fences as well as some minor infrastructure damage was his lasting legacy of the week.

Sekgobela River at causeway

Damage to the Sekgobela Causeway

Clearing the main road causeway of debris

Damage from the Camp Dam overflow:



by Chris Mayes