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2011 Reflections

At the time of writing this report, 2012 is already upon us. On behalf of all the staff we wish you a successful and prosperous year supported by good health.


Reflecting back on 2011 is in many ways an unsteady blur for me. I am unable to state with any accuracy where the time went. The Project 80:80 was very time consuming and demanding. I learned a great deal about building from scratch.

I am quite sure that on a personal level I am sensitized to future purchases of already made buildings in preference to building from scratch! It’s like the old cliché “never again” that you promise yourself after ingesting too many alcoholic refreshments.

However, it was all very worth it, as the end product has solicited descriptions such as “stunning, amazing, beautiful, modern, perfect and quite something – congratulations”! I only heard positive comments and commendations from the many members I interacted with during the Festive Season, and there were many as the figures show – the busiest December and New Year since Natalie and I joined the team in November 2006.

The rehabilitation of the impacted building site is well under way, and if we are blessed with good summer rains, I am confident that over two growth seasons one will hardly notice how large the original foot print was. Furnishings to match the new buildings are arriving in batches. It was through no fault we acquired the new building only weeks ahead of traditional and annual shut downs in the manufacturing industries. Our objective was to have the new offices and Members facilities operational for the Christmas break and I am satisfied we achieved this. The cosmetics and art décor can follow in good time for an official opening during the first quarter, details of which will be communicated in due course.

Kindly be reminded that the Board has invited the Membership to please participate in naming the new Members Area. Naming the facilities will add character and identification. Your suggestions should please include your name and bungalow number and marked for my attention, either left at Reception or via Reception e-mail. Closure is 31 January 2012.

Natalie and I take this opportunity to publicy thank all the manangement staff for their adabtability during 2011, and this together with the Thorpe family of Bungalow # 197, who generously gave up their home in the bush to allow the Ingwelala day-to-day operation to continue virtually uninterupted. We remain indebted and always appreciative.

Last but not least I wish to thank you, the Membership, for your patience and support during 2011, for allowing the Board and 80:80 Committee to simply “get on with it” and complete this very exciting project. There is no question as to the investment value it has added to your hard earned cash and your user experience I can tell now comes with a bounce in your step!

Further reflections on 2011, (save one small story about black mambas), I wish to exercise my option to refer you to the Chairman’s annual report to the 2011 November AGM, (see Downloads page). Our Chairman, Kevin Alborough, produced an outstanding report which captured the busy year 2011 was. I can not embellish on it. Thank you Kevin and your Board of Directors for your continued dedication and commitment to serve the Members in the best interests of all the Ingwelala Shareholders. Your collective efforts and team work are very much appreciated.

In addition, here is the New Year's message from Kevin Alborough. Please click here to download.


by John Llewellyn