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Seasonal Climate Watch - May to September 2019

The following text is an extract from the latest report from South African Weather Service:
Date issued: May 1, 2019

Elephants Alive - Iconic Bulls

For more than twenty years, Elephants Alive (originally Save the Elephants SA) has been studying the elephants of the Greater Kruger Area, more recently known as the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.

Ingwelala Football Team

Ray Dearlove from Bungalow # 172, who resides in Australia, very kindly sponsored soccer vests for the Ingwelala staff and football team.

Injured Animals Study

The following images are courtesy of the Umbabat Warden, who assisted Elephants Alive to treat a collared bull, named Matambu, who suffered injuries following a fight with another bull elephant, most likely in musth condition.

Elephants in Camp - March Update

Elephants in camp once again demanded substantial time from the Conservation Team, repairing fences where possible, and replacing damaged support & anchor poles. 


The Nhlaralumi River flowed after fantastic rains in 2019, in that both January and February exceeded their long-term average figures.

Vuka Ingwe Children’s Holiday Programme

The Vuka Ingwe Children’s Holiday Program was held over two’s day during December 2018. It was a great success and we had such a happy although extremely hot time.

2018 Reflections

As we bid farewell to 2018 and welcome 2019, on behalf of all the staff I take this opportunity to wish all the Members and their families a prosperous 2019.

Nyala Incident

A very unfortunate incident occurred when a nyala bull gored Brad Waggoner from Bungalow # 74. The incident happened near the bungalow around 08h00 one morning.

Elephants in Camp - October Update

Chris Mayes, our Conservation Manager reports: "The earlier parts of October were relatively incident free with regards elephant incursions and their associated impact within the camp area. This changed dramatically in the latter days of the month.

Elephants in Camp - Update

During the past few months a select group of five elephant bulls have frequented the camp environment.

Elephant Capture and Translocation

The past few months have been a challenging time for the Conservation Team responding to several bull elephants frequently breaching the Camp fence in search of good quality browse.

Injured Elephant

This young elephant is part of a breeding herd that was recently seen on Ingwelala.

The Furore about "Skye"

Following on social media reports and various published articles, this is the latest information Ingwelala has at hand regarding the recent lion hunt. Members will be updated as more information becomes available.


A very successful and informative evening was attended by Ingwelala members in Johannesburg in March.

Sibon Upgrade - Phase 1

The Sibon Patio and Leadwood Cottage roofs were deteriorating - each with broken gum poles and brandering that posed a safety hazard.

Gale-force Winds Cause Havoc in the Veld on Old Year's Eve

A gale force wind that briefly passed through Ingwelala during the early evening of 31 December raised havoc in the veld. Several large trees were either literally snapped off at the trunk or uprooted.

Interesting Relationship Between Baboon Spiders and Toads

About three years ago we camped at Mana Pools in Zimbabwe. Walking along the campsite towards the river’s edge I came across an old dried out tree that clearly had some hollowed out cavities in its stem...

Mark & Karen Shaw

It is with great sadness we bid Mark and Karen Shaw good bye, as they begin the next chapter in their family lives. They have added much value to the management of Ingwelala over the past four years. Join me in wishing them every success in the future.

Leopard Encounter

It all started at about 10 o'clock on Monday morning.  The monkeys outside our house started alarm calling and scattered to the treetops.  We decided to go into the river bed and investigate.

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