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Compiled from the latest Reserve Report - monthly
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Rainfall: February 2018:
1983 - 2017 90.2mm
1992 - 2017
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Reserve Information

About Human Behaviour on the Reserve

I’d like to address three human behavioural aspects of a Share Block in a protected wildlife area such as Ingwelala, critical to User enjoyment, as this month’s topic for your consideration.

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All About Radios

I wish to draw to your attention certain radio technicalities and protocols and procedures.

The radio system at Ingwelala works on two frequencies that are channeled through a centered "repeater". There is a transmission frequency and a receiving frequency. Two frequencies make up a channel.

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Ash Bins 2

1602  ashHistorically we used the collected fire ash from bungalows in our composting, when processing the waste in the Dirt Box. Sadly this "composting" opportunity is no longer available to management because the majority of ash bins are filled with all sorts of other refuse.

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Your attention is drawn to the misuse of steel ashbins. An increasing trend in Camp is to deposit waste, other than ash, in receptacles dedicated to store ash. The result is that baboons tip the ashbins, in turn attracting monkeys, warthogs and mongooses to investigate further. Add the prevailing winds to the equation and you have a camp environment strewn with litter.

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Assessing Risk

Your consideration is drawn to a very unfortunate and scary incident that Members recently experienced.

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Baboons and Baboon-proof burglar bars

All Users are reminded to please secure your bungalows when not in occupation. It is interesting to note how often bungalows are vacated after occupation where windows are left open and doors are not locked. In addition, the baboons have learned how to open sliding doors; please, even these doors need to be secured.

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Do not feed the animals!

Recently there have been a number of concerns raised over changing hyena and baboon behaviour in camp. This appears to be as a  result of an increase in the general feeding of animals. Neither species show any fear/caution towards humans.

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Facts on the ecological effects of waterholes

Ingwelala’s Conservation Intern, Paige Ezzey, researched and shares the following facts on artificial water points.

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Game Drives and Bush Etiquette

John Llewellyn comments on a recent email from a member regarding game drives and bush etiquette

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Ingwelala Insurance - important facts to consider:

Ingwelala insurance is updated on an annual basis in the month of May. It is each owner's responsibility to make sure his/her bungalow is adequately covered and notifies management of any changes.

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