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Rainfall: February 2018:
1983 - 2017 90.2mm
1992 - 2017
Max: 37°C
Min: 20°C
7/14 Day forecast - Ingwelala

Sibon Upgrade: Phase 1

The Sibon Patio and Leadwood Cottage roof was deteriorating each with broken gum poles and brandering that posed a safety hazard. The decision was taken to not just repair and re-thatch the roof, but to consider future planned work to Sibon, and design an integrated solution then build the Patio as phase 1 with phase 2 to complete the rebuild a year later.

Included in phase 1; Leadwood Cottage roof was rebuilt, and the steel door replaced with a wooden door. The two outside showers that needed renovation were also included.


news 1802 sibon 01
Before the renovations

Design Concept
The main building foot print was not changed in any way, there were limited changes to windows and internal walls. However, the Patio was enlarged (Rebuilt from scratch).

The entertainment area will become significantly more integrated where the kitchen (phase 2) will be moved to the Patio/Braai area side of the house and the two bedrooms (phase 2) will be moved to the far side of the house. The two bedrooms will be brought forward doing away with a passageway, access to the bedrooms will be from the front of the house. Both bedrooms will then enjoy a view of the waterhole with the en-suite bathrooms on the car port side.

A large sliding door (Phase1) is now included to exit the current kitchen area onto the patio. Paving in (phase 2) will provide access from the Patio to repositioned Bedrooms 1 and 2. A Latte wall provides a screen between bedrooms 1 and 2. Trellidor Clear Guard sliding screens will be included for all doors and windows. For the phase 1 upgrade, Trellidor Clear Guard sponsored the 2.8m sliding screen onto the patio. Stainless steel baboon proof mesh is built into the walls above the kitchen sliding door and existing double door to ventilate the kitchen area.

The Patio has been widened to allow the dining table to be turned 90 degrees, thereby increasing the area set aside for soft lounging chairs and furnishings. The custom-built dining table is enlarged to seat 22 people. The patio is extended up to the edge of the driveway and rounded in appearance to compliment the ethos of the current Ingwelala Building Regulations and underlying building style. The lounge now provides ample lounging area with a significantly better view of the waterhole. The new floor level is raised to match the main building floor level. The horizontal gum poles on the electric fence are replaced with a cable to improve viewing of the waterhole.

The Braai area now flows easier to interface with the dining room and lounge area.

news 1802 sibon 02
After the renovations

Post renovation

  • Wrap around steps complete the patio edge and facilitate a rustic seating area and adjacent driveway access.
  • A Martini seat in the lounge area is a feature that the younger children will enjoy, providing and easy bunk opportunity after evening meals, when the adults settle down to swap adventure stories.
  • Ample power points are available for 220-volt power, including several built-in power points around the dining room table for those wishing to use laptop computers.
  • The roof is raised to accommodate a 45-degree pitch for efficient water run-off.
  • Phase 2 detail design is in progress. Construction is planned to take place between 14 January to end March 2019.

by John Llewellyn