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News Archives

New-look Beacon boma

The new look Beacon Boma has received a wonderful upgrade and drawn favourable comment from early users. It is modified to facilitate a rustic type overnight experience, highly recommended of course!

To also accommodate the less adventurous, the facility may still be booked as a braai only venue.

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Dead elephant

We've all seen kills and marvelled at how quickly a zebra can be disposed of, nothing is wasted in the fight for survival in the bush. Ever wondered at how long it takes for an elephant to disappear?

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APNR game count

The APNR game count is an aerial survey using a helicopter. Basically the methodology used is the aircraft flies up and down in straight line transects, two observers in the rear counting all game within a fixed surface area beneath the plane outwards towards the defined perimeter.

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Elephants in camp (with updates)

Ingwelala's challenge (at reserve level) for the most part of June was water provision to the bungalows. Members who visited the reserve during this time experienced poor water pressure and delivery. There were certain bungalows that had no water for considerable periods. I can only sympathise with the inconvenience and discomfort it has caused. At the time of writing this report in early July, the problem persists.

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Camp baboon & hyena problems

The following is an extract from a letter addressed to the Board, by a member, in regard to the aggressive behaviour of the camp baboon troop:

"I would like to bring to your attention the recent problems we have had at Ingwelala during our stay of 7th 19th August, 2006. We were visited by the baboon troop currently running amok on the bungalows in the camp.

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Upgrade to shop

Upgrades to our shop were recently completed.

It is now much brighter, sporting two tills, with well-displayed merchandise:

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First wild white lions born in Timbavati area for 12 years

Two extremely rare white lions have been born in the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve (UPNR) bordering the Kruger National Park and their birth, along with two recent unsavoury hunting incidents, has prompted a moratorium on the shooting of the big cats in the area.

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Upgrade to Sibon

Sibon has recently undergone some renovations.

New facilities include revamped bathrooms in the main house and a complete refurbishment and enlargement of the kitchen which includes a scullery.

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New Buffelsbed hide

These past few weeks have seen a hive of activity in the Buffelsbed hide area, during which much change has taken place. The old hide was demolished in no time and building of the new hide was begun. As the saying goes, many hands make light work and this has certainly been the case thanks to the efforts of André Wessels and his team.

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