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News Archives

Leopard in camp - close encounter #2

Over the years, Ingwelala has never left me disappointed, no matter whether there has been an abundance of game, or whether the game viewing on the reserve has been quiet. There has always been a “highlight” - each and every visit.

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Leopard in camp - close encounter #1

We had a most enjoyable few days when our family travelled to Ingwelala during December. We really enjoyed the game viewing and the highlight was a midnight sighting of a leopard.

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Saddle-billed stork census 4-6 December 2009

Saddle-billed Stork project is aimed at getting current data on the population status of this species in the Lowveld Region of South Africa.

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The end of the Sohebele pride

While I had always said that this troubled pride of lions was doomed and would cease to exist by the end of 2009, I never really believed it would happen. After my last report on the Ingwelala website, things were going alright for the pride, but as usual, they hit a few stumbling blocks and ended up becoming separated and spread all over the reserve. They  were making ends meet, but only just.

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2009 Reflections

Reflecting back over the year 2009 marked an interesting year in the life of Ingwelala.

Much was achieved in the field:

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The Sharalumi flows ...

It all began round 12h00 today. Bungalow #200 radioed to say the river is coming down.

We watched as it made its way to the causeway. No telling how long it will take to subside. Here are some photos, more in the latest photo gallery.

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Oom Wolfie & the leopard

Ingwelala is truly a “leopard place” and we have many leopard tales from “Ingwe” to prove this, but this story is probably the best of them all. It is the famous, and often wrongly-told story of one “old-timer” who was attacked in the camp and lived to tell the tale. The story is about Oom Wolfie from bungalow 198. It's an amazing tale, and it is true, nogal!

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Sohebele pride – no news is good news

Well I guess that my lack of news regarding the Sohebele pride over the last two months can only mean that there has not been much worth telling, and to a large extent, that is true.

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Sohebele pride – one hard blow after another…

I am starting to get really depressed about continuously sending you bad news about this pride. The last update had no sooner been posted on the Ingwelala website when Mother Nature scripted the next tragic installment of this pride’s real-life soap opera.

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Leopard on Lookout tower

How many people think to shine their torch carefully at the tower before going up at night, especially after a glass or two of good red wine???

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