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Compiled from the latest Reserve Report - monthly
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News Archives

'Save A Tree' campaign - explanation & update

There has been a positive response to the appeal to Members to participate in this project to protect certain tree species from over exploitation by an increasing elephant population.

Another four (X4) Marula trees were packed on Argyle.

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Solar Panels - silent alarms

I draw the Membership’s attention to a critical strategy that will take place in January 2011, resulting from a previous Board decision.

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Fire breaks in camp

A few small areas were patch burned in camp. Remaining areas identified for burning will be burned closer to the summer rains.

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'Save a Tree'

On behalf of the Board Chairman, I enquire whether there are Members who are interested and prepared to contribute small cash donations to a “tree conservation fund".

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Tracking dogs – Bill and Max

The two company tracker dogs, Bill and Max returned to Ingwelala from their module 1&2 training in Pretoria. The dogs are now a year old and have been taught to track human scent, and their job is to be a tracking aid to the Ntomeni Rangers when following suspects spoor.

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The Endangered Wildlife Trust launches its Rhino Poaching Hotline : 082 404 2128

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), in recognising a dire need to urgently address the rapidly escalating problem of rhino poaching in South Africa, has developed a project to strengthen the security of rhino in South Africa.

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Lion chew tyres...

A member forwarded an email with these photos to us, asking whether this is something of which one should be aware. So we went off to investigate...

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Ingwelala trip - June 2010

Despite my persistent moaning about being a student again, I can’t help but love the fact that I can still come and spend some extended time at Ingwelala during my holiday breaks, and so I took full advantage of my winter break to come and spend almost three weeks up on the farm; and what a three weeks they were!

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Running with rhinos I

I thought this month I’d not write about a specific plant or animal, but share with you some of my work experiences in the African bush. Of course, these tales have their origin in KZN with a nature conservation organisation responsible for Protected Area Management.

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Is your Ingwelala cc registered with CIPRO?

One of our Board Members was on the CIPRO website the other day checking his company status following letters in January from CIPRO that they intended de-registering them, to which he hastily responded. He also checked on Ingwelala Shareblock out of interest and it is OK.

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