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News Archives

Leopard euthenased

MTPA authorised the euthanasia of this injured adult female leopard found in camp. It suffered serious head/brain and body injuries and was in an emaciated condition, its condition terminal.

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Lioness euthanased

MTPA authorised and instructed the euthanasia of an aged adult lioness, carrying a recurring belly injury and in an emaciated condition, judged to pose a serious threat to human life.

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2011 Reflections

At the time of writing this report, 2012 is already upon us. On behalf of all the staff we wish you a successful and prosperous year supported by good health.

Reflecting back on 2011 is in many ways an unsteady blur for me. I am unable to state with any accuracy where the time went. The Project 80:80 was very time consuming and demanding. I learned a great deal about building from scratch.

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Running with rhinos II

An ex work colleague and personal friend, one who goes by the knick-name of “Chewie” is currently walking from Musina to Cape Town to create public awareness over the massive poaching threat to rhinos, particularly the current onslaught on our South African pachyderms.

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Hippo rescue

We believe this might be the first ever recorded rescue of a baby zebra and wildebeest by the same hippo on the Mara River close to Lemala Mara camp (Serengeti ).

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2011 summer at Ingwelala

Since we are all nature lovers, I thought I would write about how lush the veld is looking this summer. It really is remarkable; there were good rains early in the summer and the growth vigour is quite something.

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The Sharalumi flows again

Exciting news – The Sharalumi flows again.

It started on Sunday night and by Monday morning was in full flow. It has subsided and is not affecting entrance to Ingwe, but other crossings on the reserve are questionable especially Buffelbed which is very sandy.

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Encounter with an injured lioness

This holiday I was at Ingwelala for almost 6 weeks and in this time I had amazing sightings of lions, wild dogs, breeding herds of elephants, giant snakes, leopards and much, much more. But the best experience I’ve ever had on Ingwelala was on 22 December 2010 when I was driving around on Goedehoop all by myself because my parents left my brother and I alone at Ingwe for five days.

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2010 Reflections

Reflecting back on 2010 earmarks a busy year for Ingwelala with a number of milestone achievements.

Early in the year a huge effort went into moving many tons of heavy duty fencing material from the Pafuri area in the KNP back to Ingwelala.

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Wild dogs on Ingwelala - comments

It is always hard to consider information in isolation as there are a number of factors which influence the movement and dispersal habitats of wild dogs; prey availability, survival of pups (generally with larger litters if most of the pups are successful the rate of dispersal amongst subordinate adults will increase) and the presence and density of lions and hyenas (wild dogs tend to shy away from areas heavily populated with these species), just to name a few.

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