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Rainfall: February 2018:
1983 - 2017 90.2mm
1992 - 2017
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News Archives

“She’s home”

This weekend was a really special time because Susan Botes visited Ingwelala. Susan is the widow of Izak, who originally carved both the Mermaid and the Sleeping Beauty.

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Elephant Fences

The Conservation team has being spending much of their time repairing damaged fences. Most of the fence damage is a result of elephants wishing to breach the fence to access what may be perceived as “the grass is greener on the other side”. This is a winter trend.

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Conservation - Veld Rehabilitation

Several conservation initiatives currently practiced on Ingwelala prompted me to consider writing about natural processes in the environment, and what we understand about these processes. First up is to acknowledge that conservation is not an exact science, we learn from analyzing the results of past and present practices. Failures should be disregarded and the successes embellished on to achieve the buzz word “best practice”.

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Nhlaralumi River: Post 2012 Floods

Document by John Llewllyn for inclusion with the Ingwelala appeal that was recently submitted to DEDET objecting to the decision made regarding the repair of upstream dams (Referred to in the recent Chairman Message).

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2013 Reflections

“Schools out for summer” so I’ll skip the traditional lesson on fauna or flora as an introduction, and rather take this time and opportunity to thank the Members that I serve, the Ingwelala Board and all my work colleagues for your collective and fantastic support through 2013.

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Sodic soils

Sodic soils are widespread in South Africa reflecting the predominance of sodium chloride in groundwaters and soil solutions.

Out and about on Op-Goedehoop, you will notice some work been done by the conservation team on the sodic site off leopards rock road.

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Moonrise and Four Leopards

Ingwelala: 23rd July 2013
It was the young men’s last evening and they decided that they wanted to go to Timbavati Crossing for sundowners as Rob had just received the news that he had passed his final CFA examinations. We were in the river bed quietly celebrating with a bottle of bubbly when we heard the distant alarm call of a bushbuck upstream towards the broken Wilkens dam wall. This was immediately answered by two wood sawing territorial calls of a leopard in the same direction.

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Around & About Ingwe with John Llewllyn

Due to all the rain and the rivers flowing strongly, as they should in an open system, I have had the opportunity of spending more time in the field during the reporting period.

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2012 Reflections

On behalf of the Ingwelala Board and Staff, happy New Year to all Members and their families. May 2013 be a fantastic year for each of you, accompanied by good health.

Reflecting back on 2012 is a year that is unlikely to be forgotten, in an Ingwelala perspective.

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Annual burning

Planned burning took place mostly on Sibon and smaller sections on Buffelsbed and Goedehoop. A total area of approximately 325 hectares was burned.

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