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Compiled from the latest Reserve Report - monthly
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News Archives

Report back: Members’ information evening held on 02 March 2016

The following information is feedback from the Members’ information evening held on 02 March 2016 at JCC Woodmead. It is intended to assist and inform those who were unable to attend. 

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2015 Reflections

1601 reflections 01

This was Natalie and my 10th Christmas/New Year at Ingwelala. Thank you one and all, for all your support during 2015 and wishing each of you a prosperous 2016. Thank you too, for those of you who joined the staff for the New Year Bash, and especially to Mark and Karen who ably lead the team with the party theme, decal and arrangements. It was a fantastic fun-filled evening, a great way to celebrate the beginning of a new year.

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Monitoring Herbivore Impact

The experts are predicting a long term dry cycle, less than average rainfall and a level of unpredictability. Conservation staff have initiated a vegetation monitoring programme around the water holes Elephant Pan, Bird Hide, Hyena Dam, Deadwood Dam, Goedehoop Dam, Sibon Dam and Jackalberry Dam.

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Giraffe Road member - camera trap information

I (JL) find the following information and stats (from a camera trap at the bungalow) very interesting, offered by a Member in Giraffe Road.

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On playing the "Good Samaritan"...

A Member who wishes to remain anonymous shared the following story with me (JL):

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Breakfast in camp

Sometime in January, at about 10 in the morning, with everyone doing their normal thing; walking about, visiting the shop, relaxing at the pool, or swimming - someone reported in that a leopard was in the camp near the pool.

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Ingwelala Work Party Pilot Project

In March of 2014 a few of my overseas guests and I booked a guided walk with our fearless ranger Mark. Apart from being able to explore Ingwelala on foot, we came across a few prickly pear cacti. Mark informed us that the prickly pears had quite a wide distribution on the property.

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Scorpion sting

The effects and excruciating pain of a scorpion sting can never be underestimated, especially on young children. What follows is a real-life account from the father of a nine year old girl who was recently stung by a scorpion at Argyle Boma:

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2014 Reflections

At the time of publication, it will be mid December, the end of another year only weeks away.
On behalf of all the Ingwelala staff, I take this early opportunity to wish each of our Christian Members a blessed and peaceful Christmas period, and all a prosperous 2015.

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An adult male hyena carrying an awful snare around its neck had to be euthanased during August.

What are snares, why and how are they used?

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