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News Archives

Out and About with Josh Hibbett

The son of Henry and Debbie Hibbett who manage Ndlopfu shared the following experience with Ingwelala:

On Wednesday, 19 July 2017 we received a radio call from the Elephants Alive Research Team of a young elephant bull with wire wrapped around its right hind leg.

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Out and About

As the drier winter months set in, the camp environment becomes increasingly more appetizing to elephants. This is so because the browse material in camp stays greener for much longer than the natural veld, and elephants are attracted to this green bite.

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Annual Safari Challenge

The annual Safari Challenge was enthusiastically greeted by the contestants on the Saturday of the Easter weekend. This year the challenge was made even more special, and difficult, because the Nhlaralumi was in full flow when contestants assembled at the start. There was tangible hype and excitement in the air, huge anticipation of events to come.

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Leopard Markings

Over the last year or so we have had a lot of leopard activity around our bungalow to the extent that in the last week Auriel and I have had two different leopards drink at our little water feature while we sitting out. They were both males, one young and the other rather large but there have also been two different females that we have captured on camera at the pond.

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Water Polo Event (December 2016)

A water polo event, organised by Charlie and Raymond, was a great success. A good R20000 was donated and received for the Skey-Hawk project.

Here are photos that Ingrid Passier took on the 31st of December 2016 around the pool.

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Little Elephant

1612 little elephant01

Here are some photos of the little elephant that was abandoned by his mother and trying to survive without the herd. Marc told us his age was about 2 years but the elephant was very small and undeveloped.

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2016 Reflections

Notwithstanding the achievements of your Board and the critical role it plays in fulfilling its requirements to sustain a fully functional and operational Share Block through sound governance, compliance and transparency, I summarise at Reserve level, the challenges and achievements made in the field during 2016. There is no order of priority nor any expression of seasonal time lines.

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In August 2016, Management reported on the shallow contour lines ripped on the Wahlberg Plains on Argyle and the Serengeti Plains on Buffelsbed (under "Conservation").

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Predators and Buffalo in camp

Looking at a satellite image of Ingwelala Camp shows what an oasis we are.

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